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Why Can not Be Missed Toothbrush In the Night

- 3:11 AM

Brushing your teeth at night most rarely done by the people of Indonesia. If you do not believe try to ask around pal, if they do brush your teeth before bed? Well, certainly many who said no.

This is not a personal opinion, because according to data from the Ministry of Health Basic Health Research (RISKESDAS) in 2007 showed that the number of Indonesian people brushing their teeth before going to bed or at night is still very sad. If assessed nationally just as much as 28.7 percent of people who do brush their teeth before bed.

The following are the 3 main reasons why we should brush your teeth at night:

Because bacteria multiply faster at night
In fact bacteria destroyer teeth never rest will be more active in a state that lacks the mouth saliva, such as during sleep at night. So when you skip brush your teeth before bed then you are providing the opportunity for bacteria to multiply faster, transform leftovers into an acid that can dissolve tooth enamel so teeth become perforated.
Because brushing teeth disore days still insufficient
Habits in society is brushing teeth while taking a bath in the afternoon, so the thought was enough and no longer feel the need to brush your teeth at night before bed. Whereas in the evening time there must be a dinner and remains of food in the oral cavity that needs to be cleaned. Some people argue rinse is enough, certainly not going to clean teeth just by rinsing, especially on the sidelines of the teeth.
Because you are accustomed to eating before bedtime
Although very unhealthy and is not recommended for the sake of health, can hardly be denied eating before bed is fun. To that end, for those who have this habit, try to reduce this habit even more eating sweet snacks and start a routine to brush your teeth before bed at night make sure you sleep in a state of clean teeth.

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