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Headaches Rear alert

- 3:16 AM

Have you experienced headaches unconsciously or suddenly? Beware because it is likely you are experiencing diseases that are harmful to the body. Pain is the body's way to give the alarm to you that there is something wrong going on with health, there is pain that is not worth worrying about, but there is also an important signal that should not be ignored and should get special handling.

The types of headaches that often affects:

1. Headaches caused tension
Initially the symptoms of this tension occurs in the shoulder area, the skull and neck muscles caused by emotional stress. The onset of the pain from the back of the head and then spread to the front, then to the two sides of the head.

2. Headaches caused migraine
Migraine headaches are usually caused will be felt heavier than headaches caused by tension, these headaches occur usually on one side of the head only, sometimes also in the back of one's eyes. These headaches are often referred to as migraine headaches, for women can be three times more than men in migraine. Hormonal changes are the main cause.

3. Headaches caused allergies
Symptoms of runny nose, sore throat and watery eyes are symptoms that often accompany the disorder. the cause of the occurrence can be caused by certain foods and all that can cause allergies.

4. Headaches caused due to a variety of symptoms
Usually this disorder is often attacked by men, the signs of these disorders can be a tremendous pain and often concentrated in the area around the eye socket and look watery eyes and a runny nose.

5. Headaches caused posttraumatic
The accident is the cause of the emergence of these disorders, although the injuries that occur in the head just a little. Sometimes this pain appears after a few days, weeks or months from the time of the accident or injury and this disruption may last up to one year after the trauma.

6. Headaches caused sinus
Of this type of disorder symptoms themselves easily recognizable, if nostril closed one or two then the pain may spread to the upper cheek and forehead. For his part touched only be painful because these parts are very sensitive.

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