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10 Chlorophyll for Health Benefits You Need To Know

- 10:26 PM
Chlorophyll or commonly called the green substance in a million claims have benefits for human health. In particular to prevent cancer, because chlorophyll contains high antioxidant which can prevent the occurrence of cancer in your body.

According to Wikipedia itself, the pigment chlorophyll is owned by various organisms (plants) and became one of the molecules play a major role in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color of green plants and green algae, but also owned by various other algae, and photosynthetic bacteria groups. That is why chlorophyll commonly referred to as "green substance".

So the core of this is a healthful benefits of chlorophyll human body, because according to the website, id (ROL) is indeed the benefits of chlorophyll has been used since and contained in the Koran, that which is mentioned in Surah Al-An'am [6]: verse 99:
 It is He who sends down water from the sky, then we cause to grow all sorts of plants, then we remove from the plant the green plants, we remove from the lush plant grains that much; and of the palm tree pollen extract stalks that menjulai and vineyards ...
The verse asserts that the green substance commonly known as chlorophyll, which is contained in one of the chloroplasts of plant cells beneficial to human health.

Here also we summarize some of the health benefits of chlorophyll for a wide variety of health sites in google. Following the presentation on the benefits of chlorophyll.

10 Benefits of Chlorophyll for Health

10 Chlorophyll for Health Benefits You Need To Know
Illustration of chlorophyll in green vegetables © Shutterstock
1. Increase the quality of blood in the body

The core of human blood cells is iron, and the core of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. When magnesium into the body, will be digested by the body and becomes iron. Iron is needed by the body because it can increase the quality of sehinggat blood circulation in your body to be smooth.

2. Preventing cancer

Chlorophyll contains antioxidants which are very high. Antioxidants eliminate a lot of functions such as carcinogens and other toxic substances in the body. And the point is that it can prevent cancer in your body.

3. Treating infections

Chlorophyll has strong antiseptic properties so as to kill harmful bacteria in the body. In addition, the chlorophyll helps blood clotting and wound healing so as to prevent the spread of infection.


4. Preventing kidney stones

The content of vitamin K in chlorophyll forms essential compounds in urine that is capable of reducing the growth of crystals of calcium oxalate or kidney stones, so that it can improve your digestive health. And usually chlorophyll stored in the vegetables, if you also consume these vegetables, automated fiber in vegetables can help cleanse your colon, so that digestion and disposal you become fluent. Read also: How To Treat Kidney Stones Dangerous for our Health

5. Eliminate toxins in the blood

Chlorophyll also has the effect of chelation, which is the process of removing heavy metals in the bloodstream. So the point is all the toxins such as heavy metals and other chlorophyll can be cleared by this.

6. Eliminate bad breath

Because chlorophyll has anti-bacterial properties in it, then the chlorophyll is able to help eliminate bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth. And if you consume it regularly chlorophyll you probably will not experience the problem of bad breath again.

7. As detoxification

Chlorophyll can also function as detoxification. Detoxification itself is a process of clearing toxins in the body so that the body can quickly repair cells damaged by toxins.

8. Reduce pain due to pancreatitis

Chlorophyll if injected intravenously helps reduce pain and other symptoms associated with pancreatitis.

9. Lose weight

Chlorophyll can control your appetite to maintain stable blood sugar levels in the body. If the sugar levels in the body is stable then your appetite will not be passionate so that in the process of losing weight will be easier.

10. Generating the immune system

If you consume this chlorophyll automatically your immune system will be increased so as not susceptible to various diseases. Read also: Tips for Maintaining Healthy Body To Stay Fit
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