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Protect Your Kids from Various Virus Attacks following the Easy Way!

- 10:28 PM
Lately a lot of viruses that began to plague everywhere, for example, just "ebola virus" that has been consuming a lot of casualties. The virus has killed thousands of people in West Africa and has begun to spread to America.

Ebola virus itself is a deadly virus and can be transmitted through blood, vomit, feces, and body fluids of human patients with Ebola to another human being. The virus can also be found in the urine and semen.

According to several news sources, this virus has also spread to Indonesia, but has not been definitively found anyone who has been infected with this virus. And children are still small very vulnerable to this virus. Therefore, here we will be various little information on how to protect or at least prevent your child from various virus attacks.

Protect Your Kids from Various Virus Attacks following the Easy Way!
Children smile healthy and protected from various kinds of virus © Shutterstock
Here are some ways that might be considered old-fashioned but very effective to help prevent a variety of viruses.
Wash your hands often, for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating and after of the shower.
Do not share food and drink from the same container.
Try not to rub eyes with dirty hands. Try immediately rinse it with clean water and soap.
Do not allow your children to enter various objects into his mouth, because these objects may contain viruses.
Teach your child to cough or sneeze into the side and try on his shoulder, because it prevents the virus is infectious to others.
Provide healthy foods and intake of additional nutrients such as vitamin because it can help increase immunity against various diseases and viruses of course.
Teach children to start exercising early because it can increase the body resistance.
Do not let your child snack at any place, let alone unhealthy food like dirty, containing borax and others.
Do not give your child soda and fast food because it is not good for the health of your child.
And teach your child to run a healthy lifestyle is good and right. Please read here: How Living a Healthy Lifestyle Right
Those are some who might be considered old-fashioned but still very effective to prevent your child from a wide variety of virus infected. Keep note you do not let your child have a virus until the virus is especially lethal because you also are going to regret later. See also: 5 Tips For Your Child Stay Healthy During the Holidays
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