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5 Ways Getting rid of mosquitoes with Natural Ingredients

- 10:24 PM
Mosquitoes are the main enemy of man, as they often interfere with humans through blood sucking painful. And worse for certain types of mosquitoes can cause severe diseases such as dengue fever or malaria. Both diseases are caused by "mosquitoes" and "aedes aegypti". Because that makes the mosquito becomes the enemy of man, especially in the rainy season now, mosquitoes will breed faster because a lot of stagnant water where mosquitoes lay their eggs earlier due to rain.

According to the wikipedia website is a type of insect that mosquitoes can always find a target precisely because they saw the movement, body heat and body odor. When a mosquito landed on her body pressed straw-like mouth which is also called proboscis. Then there is the knife that will tear the victim's skin back and forth to find the vein, after which new blood that is inhaled.

In the process of mosquitoes also secrete saliva, which contains anticoagulants to prevent blood clot that she suction. This process is rapid and as if the process that occurs when the body is pierced mosquito is not so, we dissect mosquitoes like a surgeon quickly and accurately. After mosquitoes gorged he would revoke probiosis and fly. Mosquito saliva left on the victim's skin to stimulate the body like foreign objects interfere, there was a process known as allergy, and what happens is the bumps and itching.

How to Expel Mosquito with Natural Ingredients

5 Ways Getting rid of mosquitoes with Natural Ingredients
How to repel mosquitoes one can use citronella oil © Shutterstock
You know, it turns out the way you used to repel mosquitoes for this much wrong and disrupt your health? One is by using repellents that contain chemicals such as DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide) is not always effective at killing mosquitoes and can even harm your body.

According to a study reported by site Care2, chemicals can damage brain cells, causing changes in behavior, and can have dangerous interactions with some drugs may be consumed. The toxic effects of these chemicals can also cause reproductive problems, mutations in genetic material, and central nervous system disorders.

Therefore, we have been looking for data from various sources to repel mosquitoes with natural means of course that does not harm your body. And didapatilah 5 ways repel mosquitoes with natural ingredients. Please refer to the ropes below:


1. Oil Citronella

How to repel mosquitoes first is to use citronella oil. Surely you already know not this lemongrass oil, usually often applied to the baby after a bath. And it turns out this way widely used by parents since the first because its function is very powerful to repel mosquitoes from your child.

2. Basil

Besides basil fragrances used for food it can also be used to repel mosquitoes. Maybe because it smells typical and possibly the content contained therein. How to use it is quite easy, take a few sprigs of basil leaves are then rub around your body to produce its distinctive aroma. Guaranteed mosquitoes would not dare to approach you.

3. Garlic and black pepper

The next way to repel mosquitoes by using ingredients that you can from the kitchen such as garlic and black pepper. Of odors produced natural materials such mosquitoes would not hold, and perhaps you also would not hold, because the smell of garlic is quite sharp. So this way we recommend to those of you who are already familiar with the smell of garlic. See also: Tooth Pain Medication Most Powerful with Garlic

4. Essential Oils

How to repel mosquitoes by using essential oils is also quite effective, because according to research at Iowa State University found that the essential oil 10 times more effective than DEET use to make the mosquitoes do not dare to approach.

5. How to drive out mosquitoes by using lotus

According to research (Nelumbo nucifera) recently published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine showed that the lotus is an effective mosquito repellent material and can also help kill mosquito larvae if planted behind your house.

Those are some ways repel mosquitoes with natural materials, and in fact there are many more other natural materials that can repel mosquitoes such as marigolds, ageratum, geranium, rosemary and tansy. How to use it was almost the same, take the juice and then rub on your body. Mosquitoes definitely would not dare to approach you.

To avoid a number of mosquitoes in your home, you may also need to clean the gutters around your house, puddles and other that can become breeding places of the mosquitoes. Do not forget to keep your house clean.
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