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In order Fasting Fluent, Avoid Food-Food's

- 3:31 PM
Fasting if done properly and balanced with a balanced nutritional intake can provide health benefits. But not infrequently, which appears even various gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, stomach and twisting mules, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation up. Fasting was so disturbed due to abdominal discomfort.Not to mention other activities that had to be postponed or even closed because the pain was unbearable.
To prevent this, stop bad habits such as excessive eating food when breaking and dawn, or to sleep immediately after eating. Inadequate daily nutritional needs so that the digestive system to work optimally.
In addition, there are some foods that should be avoided in order to smooth fast as listed below:
Fried foods and foods high in saturated fat
Iftar with fried is delicious. But remember, fried foods sold at roadside typically use oil that has been used many times. Such saturated oils can increase bad cholesterol in the body and increase the risk of obesity. Fried and fatty foods are also more severe and difficult to be digested by the body that increases stomach acid and trigger indigestion.
As much as possible, eat less fried and more fried dishes. If you still want to eat, limit the number and select healthier oils such as canola and olive oil. Needless to fry dishes for too long. Or, you can choose healthier cooking methods such as stir-fried, spiced, steamed, or roasted. Also avoid foods processing, offal, and other foods high in saturated fat mnegandung.
The food was too sweet
Breaking the fast with the food and sweet drinks seemed to have become a tradition in Indonesia.Not many people know that breaking with the excessively sweet foods can actually increase the levels of glucose significantly and make trouble controlling your appetite.
Eating foods that contain refined sugar and simple carbohydrates such as biscuits, sweets, chocolate, and cake at dawn also cause an increase in blood glucose levels decline rapidly followed so that your energy reserves do not last long.
Better, the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole wheat at dawn. Whereas when breaking, eat a few grains of fresh dates to normalize blood sugar levels down during fasting. Fresh dates are healthier and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.
The food was too salty
Foods with high salt levels can disrupt the balance of sodium and potassium in the blood and interfere with the ability of the kidneys to remove water from the body. As a result, blood pressure increases and toxic substances that are not needed by the body is difficult to remove. In the long term, often eat too salty foods can cause health problems in the arteries, heart, brain up.
Food triggers the production of stomach gas
Some foods that are poorly digested by the stomach can stimulate the production of excessive gas. Consequently, bloating that sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain. Of the family vegetables, there are broccoli, cauliflower, and other cabbage family. In addition, sugary foods containing sorbitol, onion, garlic, and pop corn can also trigger the production of excessive gas.
Spicy food
Chili peppers contain vitamin C is high and can increase appetite. However, too much eating spicy foods can trigger heartburn, indigestion, and heartburn taste. Excessive consumption of spicy foods in the long run can also cause damage to the stomach wall.
Caffeinated drinks
Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea are diuretics and can trigger excessive urination.As a result, you are so easily thirst during fasting. Replace your coffee and tea with water, fresh fruit juices without sugar, or coconut water to meet the needs fluids.
Soft drink
Carbonated drinks usually include caffeine are diuretics and cause you to easily thirsty.Carbonated drinks also contain high sugar and trigger the production of excessive stomach gas. Such beverages can cause stomach upset and make the stomach feel uncomfortable.
Cold drinks
In the month of Ramadan, cold drinks being sold on the roadside. Refreshing indeed at the thought of breaking the ice and other cold drinks. However, breaking with cold drinks can actually make make stomach shock and excessive contract, even cramps. That's why many feel his stomach after breaking with cold drinks.
Better, berbukalah with warm water and a few grains of fresh dates. If you want to drink the ice, give pause of about 5 to 10 minutes when the stomach is more stable. Avoid foods that are too hot or too cold so fast and smooth comfortable stomach.
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