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10 Myths About Pregnancy Pregnant Women Need to Know!

- 9:18 PM
Pregnant mom does have a lot of restrictions, usually should not eat haphazardly, the move is too heavy, so should not marital relationship when pregnant. There are many myths that circulate in the community we if pregnant women should not have, should not it. Did you know it turns out some of those myths are not true.

According to data obtained from several sources turned out to be some of those myths are not true. If you too believe in the myth of the feared could negatively affect your baby. For that we will provide information about the myths about pregnancy for pregnant women, of course. Want to know what are the myths about the pregnancy? Let's look at the following:

10 Myths About Pregnancy

10 Myths About Pregnancy Pregnant Women Need to Know!
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1. Pregnancy Not Always 9 Months

According to several studies in 2013, each woman's pregnancy can not be confirmed for 9 months. Because in some cases, only the age of 5 weeks a pregnant woman was able to give birth. A pregnant woman giving birth usually depends on age, weight, how much the baby's weight at birth, and other factors.

2. Have Sex During Pregnancy Can Harm Fetus

In most cases, sex during pregnancy usually will not affect the baby in your womb. However, there are some exceptions to this statement, which is when the placenta (afterbirth) lies between the cervix and vagina or if you are at high risk for premature delivery. So, first consult with your obstetrician before having sex with your partner if you feel worried. See also: Sleeping Positions Good For Pregnant Women

3. Can not Childbirth Normal Again After Surgery Caesar

Although evidence has indeed been shown that doing a normal delivery after a Caesarean section a little more risky than re-doing a Caesarean section, but some women will still be able to perform normal labor after Caesarean section as long as he meets certain conditions. Consult with your doctor about any requirements to be met.

4. Sex Toys Depending Form Stomach Mother

In fact, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that someone can determine the sex of the baby based on the shape of the mother's stomach. That's just a myth that circulated only. To be sure please do ultrasound at the hospital to obtain more detailed information.


5. If Mom Suffer Sexually Transmitted Diseases, will Diseases in Infants

This situation actually depends on the type of sexually transmitted disease suffered by the mother. There are some types of sexually transmitted diseases are usually transmitted through the blood, which means transmitted through the placenta. It certainly can be transmitted to the baby. However, some other sexually transmitted diseases can only be mebular to infants only through direct contact. The disease is usually transmitted to the baby during normal birth process. Usually to avoid that doctors recommend surgery ceasar to avoid direct contact with bleeding on the normal birth process.

6. Should Not Running When Pregnant

There are various things that can be done by a woman during her pregnancy, depending on what he can do before pregnancy. You even can still exercising while pregnant, but to a certain extent that is tailored to the age of your pregnancy. Consult with your doctor about what exercise you should do. See also: Gymnastics Good For Pregnant Women

7. Finish Birth Weight will be back to normal

Did you know, a woman will usually only experience a weight loss of 5-7.5 kg after childbirth is completed, while the rising weight ranging from 12-17 kg. So if calculated it took nearly a year to lose the excess weight of the remaining. Tips to lose weight after giving birth you follow gymnastics and sports. Breastfeeding can also help speed up your weight loss process. See also: 5 Ways to Lose Weight After Childbirth with Yoga Gymnastics

8. Pregnant Women Should Eat For Two People

Apparently, the growing baby in the womb you do not burn as many calories as you think. So, if you have to consume healthy and balanced diet, then you only need about 300 extra calories alone, as you can of course a healthy snack.

9. Each Childbirth Definitely Can Breastfeeding Mothers

Do You Know? In some cases there are mothers who can not breastfeed when finished giving birth. And it makes difficult for the developing baby. Fortunately now been provided breastmilk substitutes so that the baby remain healthy and growing. Usually a mother can not breastfeed due to ever perform surgery on the breast such as silicon or other install. So if you want to continue to give milk to your baby better not do that.

10. Spicy Food Can Harm Babies Lives

Consuming spicy foods will not harm the baby's life in your womb, so you do not need to worry too spicy foods. But not too much fear will be a contraction in the uterus that can trigger premature labor.
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