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How to Treat Eye Pain Naturally

- 9:19 PM
Eye diseases are very diverse and different handling. Some are caused by viruses, bacteria or due to an allergy to a specific substance. Eye pain is generally caused by three things. For more severe cases are usually caused by cancer or tumors in the eyelids.

How to treat an eye is different for each type of the disease, there were only uses natural materials, there should also be treated with medicine from the start taking the medication until surgery. If it is severe possibility is to be in operation feared would happen blindness in the eye.

Various Ways of Treating Eye Hospital

As for some eye diseases that you can see below:

1. myopia (nearsightedness)

Nearsightedness usually experienced by children age into adulthood. Typically myopia or nearsightedness is caused by too frequent watching tv and computer with a very close distance so that the eye ciliary muscle becomes weak. Thus it can only see clearly at close range only. If much has been somewhat distant view began to weaken, and even unclear. To treat this eye sore read here: Myopia Treatment Tips Away with Traditional Remedy

2. hipermetropi (Rabun Close)

Hipermetropi or farsightedness is the opposite of nearsightedness. Nearsightedness an eye disorder which is caused by the function of the eye muscles that have been slack. This disorder usually occurs in people aged over forty years and above. To treat an eye on this one can be read here: Tips for Traditional Medicine Rabun Close


3. presbiopi

Presbiopi is a combination of nearsightedness and farsightedness, so one can not see the object that is near or distant. This eye disease is usually suffered by older people and can only be aided by double-lens glasses or through counter medicines such as surgery.

4. Color Blind

Color blindness is a condition in which a person totally unable to distinguish colors. Which can be seen only in black, gray, and white. Color blindness is usually a hereditary disease. This means that if a person is color blind, almost certainly also color-blind son.

5. Cataracts

Cataract is an eye disease where the lens of the eye becomes opaque due to thickening of the eye lens and occur in the elderly (the elderly). Astigmatism equal to irregularities curved - curved surface resulting eye refraction of light do not focus on one point of the retina (yellow spots). Can be helped with glasses slinder / refractive surgery.

6. Eye Bags

Disebakan eye bags due to mild swelling, sagging skin and black colored. This situation makes the appearance less attractive to women. How to treat an eye it can by using natural ingredients such as cucumber, tea waste and water. For details please read this article: How to Eliminate Eye Bags Naturally

7. Eye stye

According to health experts, red or white bumps on the eye caused by infection of the eyelids. Stye usually happens because there lashes that come in and cursed in the eyelids. Or. Stye can also be caused by bacteria that usually nest in dirty places. However, do not worry, if your eye stye, you do not need to perform the operation only to eliminate the bump on the eyelid, you can treat stye in the eye naturally. Read the complete article here: How to Treat Eye stye Without Side Effects

Those are some kinds of eye diseases and how to treat it. Each eye diseases are diverse handling or treatment. No one can use natural ingredients there is also a need through medical treatment. The essence of all that is how you maintain the health of your eyes so that the eyes are not attacked by various diseases above (except for color blindness, is already innate). Read tips on maintaining eye health here:
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