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Maintaining Eye Health Tips to Keep Healthy

- 9:16 PM
The beauty of a perfect world we would not enjoy when we do not have a healthy eye, a gift from the Almighty God is so valuable, with the eyes we can see the face of our parents, we can know what the ocean was like, color it how, and so on states, so this organ miraculously then we need to give thanks and keep giving this one well. We will give you the eye health tips in order to keep the precious gift this one to stay healthy and sharp to see.

Eye health is highly dependent on how we operate, disorders of the eye such as myopia, presbiopi, hipermetropi, up to not be able to distinguish the color or color blindness. it all depends on how we use our eyes each of which there are indeed used properly - properly and there are also those who simply because of abnormalities, with the eyes of our health tips you can make an intelligent solution in preventing or treating damage to your eyes.
Eye Health Tips to Keep Healthy, beautiful, shining
Illustration of the healthy eye (source:
You can use vision therapy to maintain the health of your eyes, following the data which I took from wikipedia:
 Vision therapy, also known as vision training, used to improve the vision skills such as control eye movement and eye coordination. It involves a series of procedures performed in the setting of both the home and office, usually under professional supervision by the orthoptist or ophthalmologist.
 Vision therapy can be prescribed when a comprehensive eye examination showed that it is the right treatment option for patients. A special program of therapy based on the results of standardized tests, needs of the patient, and the patient's signs and symptoms. The program usually involves eye exercises and use of lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, special instruments, and / or a computer program. The course of therapy may last weeks to several years, with intermittent monitoring by an ophthalmologist.
The first thing you have to do to prevent damage to the eyes is to avoid reading or seeing objects too close for a long time, avoid looking in the dark for a long time, avoid reading the lie for a long time, and the latter avoid smoke fumes produced can cause disease in your eye.

What should you also are not often stay up or lack of sleep because it can damage the health of your eyes as well, because your eyes do not beristirat as appropriate. Perbanyaklah eating food containing vitamin A such as carrots for example, is very good for the health of your eyes.

A few tips on eye health of our brief, the benefits would you feel if you really - really keep your eyes well and perform simple preventive phase above.
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