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5 Benefits of Chicken For Health

- 9:11 PM
Chickens are housewives choice to meet the needs of meat in the daily menu. Many processed foods made from chicken meat we can meet in the kitchen alone, or in restaurants and eating houses. The price of beef and mutton is quite expensive, is also one of the reasons why mothers should choose chicken as an alternative source of animal protein for the family.

Do you know? Chickens are a favorite food of this turns many citizens of Indonesia, has tremendous benefits for health. However, keep in mind that, not all chicken meat have benefits for healthy body. Although it has many health benefits you should also be aware of the effects of excess eat chicken.

Should consume chicken meat that is not excessive, it is because the chicken meat is not easily digested in the gut. Therefore, you should also pay attention to how to cook chicken. Make sure you cook in a way that hygienic and healthy. Be sure to also boil the meat with a high temperature.

Benefit Chicken for Health

Here are some of the benefits that we can take to consume chicken meat.

1. Helping the child's growth

By the time a person in its infancy, eating chicken meat in sufficient quantity can be helped to grow and develop. Development of the child will be assisted by nutrients derived from chicken. Not only is the body that develops, but immunity, and brain will develop well. So the chicken meat in sufficient quantity can be an alternative to educate the child's brain. See also: 5 Tips For Your Child Stay Healthy During the Holidays


2. Healthy bones

If you are already getting old, or if you suffer a fracture and surgery. Perbanyaklah eating chicken. Because chicken can help increase bone density. As for those who are elderly chickens can prevent osteoporosis. Read also: The Importance of Role of Calcium in Children and Youth

3. Build Muscle

If you are an athlete who wants to have a healthy muscle, strong and big. A good idea to add a portion of chicken meat in your daily menu. That is because the consumption of chicken meat has high protein can help build muscle.

4. Sources of animal protein

Chicken meat has a high protein content .In addition of chicken meat also contains amino acids. If you want to get healthy skin, begin to consume chicken meat in sufficient quantities. Chicken will help you improve and strengthen the body's tissues and nourish the skin. See also: Egg White 10 Benefits for Your Beauty

5. Preventing heart attack

When cooked and consumed in sufficient quantities, chicken meat can be useful for preventing heart disease. Not only was the chicken also can reduce depression. Read also: Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Heart Good and True

Eating chicken can calm our minds because, according to the study, chicken meat can help someone in increasing physical activity and making it more calm in berfikit and have more ability to control ourselves. Other benefits for health are able to treat respiratory disorders.
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