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How to Treat Eye stye Without Side Effects

- 10:23 PM
Stye eye medication is needed by your course is being attacked hordeolum. Yes, hordeolum is the medical term for eye stye. Eye stye by people in ancient times could occur because the person is happy peek person who was in the shower. Of course it is not the original cause, but only the story of our grandparents.

According to health experts, red or white bumps on the eye caused by infection of the eyelids. Stye usually happens because there lashes that come in and cursed in the eyelids. Or. Stye can also be caused by bacteria that usually nest in dirty places. However, do not worry, if your eye stye, you do not need to perform the operation only to eliminate the bump on the eyelid, you can treat stye in the eye naturally.

How to Treat Eye stye Naturally

 How to Treat Eye stye Without Side Effects
Stye eye medication
1. Warm Water

Stye eye drug first is to use warm water. Warm water is believed to mengempeskan bump on the eyelid that in just a few days just so long as you do it naturally stye eye treatment is routine. Quite easy, you only need to prepare lukewarm water and a clean towel. Do not forget to add a little salt in the warm water. Then, use a towel that has been put into warm water to compress eye stye for approximately 15 minutes. Perform at least 3 to 4 times a day so that the eye stye recover soon.

2. Blueberry

Fruit that goes into this type of berry fruit is often used for the treatment of naturally. This time, you can use blueberries as a natural stye eye medicine. In blueberries contain many essential vitamins and nutrients that can nourish the eye. Well, if you want to use blueberries as a natural cure eye stye, is easy enough, you just need to take it regularly every day until the eye stye disappear. Alternatively, you can turn into a blueberry juice consumption is bad for you.


3. Daun Sirih

Betel leaf is a leaf that is rich in benefits. The leaves are usually used to clean the female sex organs you can also make eye stye medicine. When you want to try the efficacy of betel to treat eye stye, fairly easy way, you can take three pieces of betel leaves and the leaves boiled with one or two glasses of water. After boiling, strain first betel leaf decoction. Then, use betel leaf decoction to clean eye stye or if you want you can make a decoction of the leaves as your natural eye drops. However, it feels sore eyes when you use betel leaf decoction for stye eye drops. See also: How to Cope With Utilizing Betel leaf Whitish

4. Garlic

One of these herbs are often used for traditional medicine. This time, you can use garlic as a cure eye stye. Obviously, eye stye you will get well if you want to do a stye eye treatment with garlic regularly. How to treat eye stye with garlic fairly simple, eye wash with warm water first. Puree 1 clove of garlic and rub the eyelid stye. You just do it 2 to 3 times a day until healed eye stye. See also: Tooth Pain Medication Most Powerful with Garlic

5. Drugs Eye Drops

If the natural ingredients in the above is still not enough to overcome eye stye, you can treat eye stye using eye drops. But remember, do not use eye drops excessively because of the chemicals contained in them can actually aggravate your eyes. Enough to shed 2 to 3 drops drops eye drops and you can do it two times a day only. It's better if you choose eyedrops as eye stye medicine, so as not to cause side effects, you can consult with a doctor.
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