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Understanding their own healthy food is food that contains nutritional balance and contains a substance that is needed by our body to grow and develop. Healthy food is supposed to have a lot of nutrient content, and the content of, among others, carbohydrates, minerals, protein, vitamins and unsaturated fats in small amounts only.

The content contained in these healthy foods also called the 4 healthy 5 perfect food. As mentioned earlier, that the food was included in the definition of healthy foods containing 5 nutrients the body needs, among others, carbohydrates, minerals, protein, vitamins and saturated fat in an amount not much.

If we talk in terms of food 4 healthy 5 perfect, then we will get to know some of the food composition. The first is the staple food. The staple food is the food source of energy. The food which is a kind of staple foods include rice, cereal, wheat, corn, oats, potato tubers and others. Next up is the side dishes. Side dishes to accompany the main food staple food, side dishes is more focused on foods that contain substances that function builder to build and shape the body. Most of these foods are foods that contain lots of protein such as meat, fish, eggs and tempeh and tofu.


Food 4 healthy 5 perfect next was kind of vegetables. Vegetables are the types of foods that contain lots of vitamins, fiber and protein are also very good for health. These foods include such as spinach, kale, tomatoes, eggplant and others.

Next is the fruit. fruits are foods that have a lot of vitamins that serve the health of the body, the fiber contained in fruits are very good for the digestive system in our body. Then the latter is milk. Milk is an extra drink that has really good nutrition so it is recommended for the body.

Over time, the guidelines 4 healthy 5 perfect food has now been revamped with a balanced nutritional guidelines. Guidelines for balanced nutrition is the arrangement of everyday foods that contain nutrients and the amount of nutrients according to the body including attention to some aspects of cleanliness and size of the ideal body weight. In addition to concern about the nutritional value of food, we also need to pay attention to one's condition to food, such as allergies.

It can disiasatu by taking a source of nutrients from the other ingredients that do not cause allergies. Someone who is interested in healthy food and healthy cooking should be able to develop themselves in making recipes and nutritional food size. Thus, housewives have to be very careful in determining the basic ingredients of the food. Examples anticipate food is to get rid of the wheat gluten and brown bread in the list of basic materials and will raise fruits and vegetables along with whole grains without gluten.
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