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Menu Healthy Foods That Can Help Improve Health of your body

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Have a good quality of life and healthy is a dream for everyone. But it is very difficult to happen today, Why? As we know now people tend to consume ready meals which will result in various diseases, smoking, lack of rest and still many others.

For that we should eat healthy foods, so the body is not contaminated with food that could endanger the health of the body. In choosing healthy foods we can arrange a menu list of healthy foods that we consume every day, starting from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Menu Healthy Foods That Can Help Improve Health of your body
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Before we get into a healthy diet, we need to understand what healthy foods first. Healthy foods are foods that contain nutrition and balanced nutrition and body needs every day.

Healthy food comes from nature and most will benefit by being able to ward off disease that we suffer. Nutrient content and nutrients in healthy foods the body needs every day are carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and others.

By combining a variety of food that contains nutrients and nutrients that have been mentioned that we will be able to make a list of healthy foods that we consume each we eat.


To be able to regulate the balance of nutrients derived from food, keep in mind the basic principles of the following: (version wikipedia)
Eat a variety of foods
Eat food to meet energy sufficiency
Eat a carbohydrate source, half of the energy needs
Limit consumption of fats and oils up to a quarter of its energy needs
Use iodized salt
Eat food sources of iron
Give only breast milk to infants up to the age of six months
Familiarize breakfast
Drink clean water, safe enough numbers
Perform physical activity and exercise regularly
Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
Eat foods that are safe for health
Read the labels on packaged foods.
Menu Healthy Foods That Can Help Improve Health of your body
Healthy diet © Shutterstock
Examples of foods containing nutrients and nutrients the body needs every day to keep the body healthy also exist aplenty. We can find the carbohydrate content in rice, cassava, bread, potatoes or other foods containing starch. For protein, we can get through the egg, tofu, tempeh and other foods made from beans. The fat content can be obtained by consuming meat, cheese and milk. For mineral also we can get through the cheese, meat and milk plus it can be obtained through the vegetables. Vitamins can we get through fruits and vegetables. By combining these foods, then we will be able to make a healthy diet each day.

Examples of healthy food menu for breakfast is to consume brown rice, fish, spinach, sweet potatoes, eggs and milk. Breakfast is very important to start the day which will go through the various activities. Avoid foods with too many carbohydrates at breakfast. For lunch, we can use the menu brown rice or white rice, beans, green or red vegetables, meat or eggs, and also coupled with fruit juice. Lunch is also important, as it will help the body to replace the energy that has been issued since breakfast. Dinner is eaten closing day activities, we can use the menu of cereal grain, milk, tuna fish and grain to close the day.
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