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Various Kinds of Healthy Food During Fasting

- 8:58 PM
Eating healthy foods shall we eat during the fasting month. Because during perpuasa our bodies remain active, and of course we do not want our bodies weakened only because we are wrong to consume food during fasting. From that eating a healthy diet during fasting is the recommended. In addition to helping you eliminate the risk of health problems, healthy food is also very nice to enjoy especially in this fasting month. Then the food - healthy food what suggested to us during the month of fasting? Yok let's look equally healthy food the following:

Various Kinds of Healthy Food During Fasting

1. Dates and palm sugar

During fasting course we suggested to eat sweet foods in advance. This is because during fasting the body we lost so many calories. Why palm and palm sugar? This in because of palm and palm sugar has particularly glucose levels were quite high but it is not a complex carbohydrates. Moreover, palm sugar is great for people with liver fasting.

Healthy Foods During Fasting
Dates are one mainstay menu fasting month
2. Corn

Replace occasional iftar menu we are usually use white rice into corn. Corn is carbohydrates that have a low glycemic load. So very good at all for the body to avoid a rise in blood sugar during fasting. Corn is also highly recommended for diabetics and heart are fasting.

3. Green vegetables

Green vegetables obligatory in consumption during the run ibada fasting, because in the green sayauran there are many mineral zinc is needed to bind to hemoglobin to not affected by anemia.


4. Eggs

Eggs are a source of animal protein that is low in fat. Eat 2-3 eggs during the month of fasting in order intake of protein in the body is maintained.

5. Fruits

Fruits are very good for our body. Of course we already know some of the content contained in some fruits, such as citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, and many more.

6. Drink a Lot

It's important! When you're fasting, the body loses a lot of fluid. The impact of lack of fluids during the day will affect your skin. Therefore, make sure that you drink mineral water in sufficient intake at the time of dawn and break their fast. In addition to a fresh body, the skin remains supple and not dry.

Those are some healthy food during fasting that can be a healthy choice aletrnatif during fasting. Do not forget to multiply the water to compensate for all of our food intake. Happy fasting.
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