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Baby has diarrhea? Try to give a sweet potato

- 2:23 PM
Buah hati sedang diare? Coba beri ubi manis 
Diarrhea is a digestive disorder that often occurs in children. The cause could be a variety of things, could be due to indigestion or wrong in eating food. Is your own baby has diarrhea? Rather than give drugs containing chemicals, you can provide traditional medicine.
One of them is by giving sweet potatoes. According to research reported by, this way even effective against bacteria that cause diarrhea.
"The content of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes will immediately turn into vitamin A time of entry into the body. Vitamin A is beneficial to coat the bowel and forming cells attack the germs that cause diarrhea," explains Erick Boy, nutritionist at HarvestPlus, a global program for improve nutrition. "Eating sweet potatoes are also able to reduce diarrhea."
"It was a sweet course make your baby will immediately like it. So, instead of giving chemical drugs is better to use natural way to treat diarrhea suffered by the baby."
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