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Sleep with a bra does not make breast cancer!

- 2:22 PM
Tidur dengan memakai bra tidak bikin kanker payudara! 
So far, there are so many growing health information related to breast health as well as the use of bra. Starting from the assumption that to say that rarely wearing a bra will make sagging breasts with a bra to sleep will increase the risk for breast cancer. But along with the development of science, then one by one misconception that disappeared.
One of the most popular assumption to say that the use of a bra during sleep will increase a woman's risk for breast cancer. Is this correct?
"The use of bra while sleeping will not make women affected by breast cancer," said study that was launched from this "There are lymph nodes under your armpit part that drain lymphatic fluid from the breast. This fluid serves as the body's defense against cancer. The wire is in bra probably will not interfere with the circulation of the fluids but makes your sleep becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, if you choose to wear a bra during sleep, choose the type of bra without wire and of lightweight material. "
"The use of bra during sleep was not associated with risk of breast cancer. However, the use of a bra can cause tightness until the irritation in the skin."
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