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Itching? Do not scratch too long

- 2:25 PM
Gatal? Jangan menggaruk terlalu lamaWhen you feel itchy either because of a mosquito bite or something else, the first thing you must do scratch. Then if you are not satisfied, you will constantly scratch until the itching disappeared. When scratching was sometimes appear pleasant taste sensation so that you do not hesitate to scratching nails on the skin.
Although seem trivial, but did you know that scratching too similar activities could increase the intensity of itching and pain which then leads to permanent skin damage?
"When you scratch, then make a brain region involved in motor nerve control will become more active. After that comes the addictive feeling that makes you never feel satisfied when scratched. This is of course cause skin damage if left unchecked," said the study's authors Hideki Mochizuki, assistant professor of dermatology at Temple University School of Medicine, in the United States.
"This study stems from a lot of people who are suffering from addiction to scratch surprising. Once examined, it was not just the itching alone is the cause, but also affect the brain works there."
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