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Benefits and Child Formula Milk Ingredients

- 4:11 PM
If you are a father or mother, you would want a child grow up healthy and smart, then you can give milk for the baby, because milk contains a lot of calcium is good for growing children. To learn more about the benefits of milk and milk formula tips on choosing a good boy, let's look at some of the benefits of milk and milk formula tips on choosing good child following so that you can know how important milk for the baby.

Some of the benefits of milk in general for children's health:

Ø The bones become healthier
Milk has a high calcium content, so it is good for the teeth and their bone health. There are also other substances found in milk, such as phosphorus, magnesium, protein and some other kinds of useful content. the baby get used to consume milk since early childhood, so that milk can help health and improve their intelligence.

Ø Support the process of brain development of children
The brain needs nutrients to grow, here's milk is very important for brain growth, so for toddlers shall be given milk to make them grow up to be intelligent.

Ø Preventing obesity in children
Obesity can be avoided by consuming milk in accordance with the rules. Milk can help a person in maintaining his ideals, so that a child who consumes milk then they will be spared from being overweight or obese.

Ø Prevent Diabetes
The benefits of milk also can avoid a toddler of diabetes type 2. Give the toddlers of low fat milk, so they will avoid diabetes type 2. The content of calcium and magnesium are also present in milk can prevent diabetes.
Nutrient content found in powdered infant formula:
1. AHA, AHA Formulas or AA functions as a stimulant of intelligence of children, but there are also other benefits, namely to stimulate the development of the eye nerve so that the baby's eyes will be healthy.
2. DHA content of milk formula which is nearly equal to the AHA which serves for development of the brain and also the eyes of a child.
3. LA, this is the content of fatty acids that are beneficial for mental health and brain development in children.
4. FOS and GOS, Gynecology digestive function so that the baby is healthy because FOS and GOS can boost immunity, increase the amount of good bacteria in the body and reduce the amount of bad bacteria present in the body.
5. Omega 3 and omega 6 content of this serves to healthy hair, nails, skin, prevent cell damage. Between omega 3 and omega 6 to be balanced because it has functions that are interrelated.
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Hopefully brief information above can be useful and helpful to us all, especially for mothers who already have a baby or wh
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