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Benefits of Green Tea for Skin Care

- 4:14 PM
Lately, green tea or green tea are popular in many circles, ranging from parents to children all love green tea. Because green tea can be to drink, eat, even for skin care can also be due to that found in green tea has many benefits. One of the benefits of green tea is rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin kesahatan.

Benefits of Green Tea Can You Apply For Your Skin
Stay young
When you drink beverages that contain ingredients of green tea every day, you'll stay young because green tea contains antioxidants that may slow the premature aging of the skin. Skincare with green tea also prevents premature aging by using green tea scrub products do at least once a week.

· Make Ear cleaner
Green tea can make your ears clean way to soak cotton or cotton bud with leaves of green tea or green tea ready, after that wash your ears with a smooth and creamy.

· Prevent Acne
For those of you who frequent breakouts, green tea can help your skin care to prevent and eliminate acne. The trick is brewed green tea overnight approximately 8 to 12 hours. After the wash on your face in the morning or when you wake up.

· Moisturize skin
Green tea can moisturize the skin, well for those who want their skin feels moist with the maximum results you can drink green tea a minimum of 3-4 times a week because green tea contains high antioxidants to moisturize skin.

· Protection Sunlight
Green tea is smeared all over the skin can protect your skin from the sun. The trick with brewed green tea leaves to really seep leave to cool and use a soft cloth to apply to the whole of your skin. Once applied to the skin allow it to dry. Well for this one special tips for you who have not berkativitas outside the room, before you go Apply at home.

The benefits of green tea have been mentioned earlier, you can apply for your naturally beautiful skin care. Always remember that the skin should be maintained in order to remain healthy and well-maintained....
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