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Benefits of Plant Disease Fight 6 Disease Here With Ginger

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6 opponents Disease Here With GingerAndre Fillophy 5 months ago Benefit Plant DiseaseGinger which we find in the kitchen and used by mothers as one of their cooking spice it turns out, has many benefits. In addition to delicious prepared drinks and made a few other foodstuffs, ginger also can cure some diseases. One of them is able to cure a cough. This ginger is usually consumed in beverages like ginger yet. Besides better, ginger can also be enjoyed by anyone.
Here are some common diseases that we encounter in fact we feel, can be treated with ginger:6 opponents Disease Here With GingerOne of the benefits of ginger is to cure sore throat1. CoughMany people already know that ginger is a natural remedy that can be used to treat coughs.
How to use it, first take ginger then sliced ​​and boiled then destroy before ripe. After it boiled again using the same water to release the active ingredient. Drink ginger stew was to relieve cough and sore throat. You can try it also with tea for more pleasure. Read: Natural Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough
2. Sore throatJust as cough, abdominal pain, and headache, which is mixed with ginger tea is also good for treating sore throat. Try to boil the ginger piece then slice and add honey or lemon and mix with your tea. You will immediately feel the remarkable properties of the mixture. You can consume it every day, especially when you have problems with the throat. Read: Sore Throat Natural Medicine For A Healthy Body
3. Abdominal pain and indigestionMany seasoning or spice that is often used to treat colic, and ginger is one of them. Some people were seasick often given ginger. That's because ginger does have remarkable properties to help relieve nausea or digestive problems.
How to use it is very simple, try to grab some of the grated ginger and mix with a few mint leaves and then boiled until boiling, the results of the cooking water you can add a little honey consumption, to relieve abdominal pain or indigestion. See also: 5 Diarrhoea Traditional Medicine of Natural Ingredients
4. Drug headache or migraineSome other herbs such as mint, or cayenne pepper can be used to treat headaches and migraines. However, it turned ginger can also be used to treat the same illness. Some of the effects are often caused by migraine include nausea, now to solve this problem, you can take advantage of ginger to ease it. Read: How To Treat Headaches
Try the following tips to relieve headache or migraine

Take 1 (one) segments of ginger, then
Add 1 teaspoon (tsp) dried peppermint, and slightly
Chili powder or cayenne pepper that has been refined, and
Mix in boiling water
Allow the mixture to infuse for about 15 minutes, then
Drinking water.
If you do not like the taste, you can mix them with honey. Read also: Tips to Relieve Headaches Left
5. ToothacheIt is a disease that is often found in those who are not diligent oral hygiene with a toothbrush, or in children who consume lots of sugary foods like candy.Toothache it can be overcome by using ginger. Because ginger contains anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial. Read: Dental Hospital of Traditional Medicines and Natural
How to use ginger to relieve pain very simple, first download the raw ginger rub your gums to the teeth where the pain is coming from. Or you can also use ginger root boiled water as a mouthwash to fight pain in the teeth.Perform these tips on a regular basis several times a day to get rid of the germs that cause tooth pain.
6. PainAnother benefit that can be taken from ginger is to treat muscle aches. Gingerol compounds, shogao, and zingerone found in ginger which can effectively be used to address inflammation or pain in the muscles. After exercise or after a heavy work, try to consume ginger tea to relieve pain in the muscles.
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