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Break the fast by eating oatmeal cookies? This 5 healthy benefits

- 2:20 PM
During fasting, you are advised to eat sweet foods. Because the sugar content in sweet foods can increase your energy and your body becomes limp.

There are so many kinds of sweets. One of the most popular are the cookies. Instead of choosing cookies are not healthy, try to eat oatmeal cookies. Reporting from, here are the benefits of eating oatmeal cookies.

Lose weight
Want to lose weight in a healthy addition to fasting? Eat healthy snacks such as oatmeal cookies. The fiber content in it can make healthy digestion and makes you full faster and you avoid overeating when breaking.

Oatmeal cookies made of certain materials are healthier. Because these cookies do not contain artificial sweeteners, trans fats are unhealthy, until the dye.

rich in nutrients
Besides being rich in fiber, oatmeal cookies are also high in nutrients and free of preservatives. Of course the food is healthier.

high protein
Protein is essential for the smooth running of the body's metabolic system. Oatmeal cookies themselves are very high in protein so that it can make your body healthier.


Gluten is a substance commonly found in processed wheat flour. If too much of this substance in the body, then the obesity and other chronic diseases in the can. Oatmeal cookies so low gluten good for your health.

So, want to be more healthy in Ramadan? Choose a menu of healthy foods such as oatmeal cookies.
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