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Fasting diet, diet style applied fasting extend life

- 2:18 PM
Fasting diet, diet terapan ala puasa yang memperpanjang usia 

In this holy month, one kind of worship that must be run by Muslims are fasting. Fasting makes them that Muslims are obliged to refrain from all kinds of lusts including appetite and eating certain types of beverages.
Apart from the matter of religion, many people who said that fasting is able to provide many health benefits. Reporting from, one of the most visible benefits of fasting is that it can extend the life of you and make you become ageless. Aware of the benefits of the many experts who later adopted a fasting diet became kind of diet is fasting diet. In the fasting diet, dieters only eat foods such as vegetable soup, herbal tea, healthy snacks, and perhaps a piece of energy bar. These diets also encourage you to consume 14% protein, 43% carbohydrate and 46% fat for 25 days in a month.
The result? "We found that cells in the body such as bone cells, muscle, brain, liver, and immune cells of the body showed signs of regeneration. The body tends to be rejuvenated, emergence into a less inflammatory diseases, cancer risk is reduced, bone density awake , and memory capabilities will increase, "said Valter Longo, principal investigator of the University of Southern California.
"We recognize that it may be for some people to fast like Muslims is difficult. So we modify it into a fasting diet that has the same effect with fasting for health."
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