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Causes Headaches and How to Treat Back

- 2:41 PM
Almost everyone has experienced headaches behind . headache behind usually affect anyone and did not know the age factor of both the young and old. Rear headache is usually caused due to the effects of headache front. Headache is classified into two, namely primary and secondary headaches. Primary headache is a disease whose cause is not derived from an underlying condition. While secondary headache is one of the diseases that cause comes from health conditions that are being experienced.
Before we discuss how to treat headaches, we will discuss about the cause of the headache behind , among others: 
1. Tension 
headaches can occur because the back muscles located in the neck and shoulders strained.Muscle tension can be caused due to lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, fatigue, dental pain, and poor posture. 
2. Sinus headaches 
Sinus is a chamber containing air and is located inside the skull that consists of four pairs.Mucous membranes lining the cavity can be useful mngeluarkan mucus to moisten the nasal passages. Headaches may occur due to infection or inflammation of the sinuses due. While headaches at the back may occur due to sphenoid sinus inflammation inside the skull. 
3. Carvicogenic Headache 
Headache carvicogenik a secondary type of headache that is caused due to a neck problem.Carvicogenic headaches can be divided into two, namely headaches myogenic and vertebrogenic.Myogenic headaches can occur when the neck muscles tense. whereas vertebrogenic headache occurs when the bone joints in the neck experienced dysfunctional. 
4. Vascular headache 
vascular headache caused by recurrent and severe migraine and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. 
5. Occipital neuralgia, 
occipital neuralgia refers to a medical condition that can occur when the occipital nerve damage.Headaches at the back can occur because the nerves that were damaged or inflamed due to infection, injury to the neck, osteoarthritis and tumor.
Once you know the various causes of headaches behind you also need to know how to treat headaches that are: 
1. Massaging the head 
Give a gentle massage on the head is ill. 
2. Warm compresses 
compresses using warm water at the back of the head and neck so that the muscles are not tense. 
3. Sleeping 
If you experience headaches sebaknya you sleep diruangan quiet and dark. Turn off lights when you sleep more comfortable. 
4. Compress using ice 
Besides using warm water compress using ice also can be done to reduce the pain of the head of migraine.
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