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Eye drug Minus Most Powerful Natural

- 2:40 PM
Minus the eye or nearsightedness is a disorder in which the eyes are not able to see well at a distance from the object or an object. There are a few things minus the main causes among others: 
1. Genetic factors (heredity) 
minus Eyes may occur because of heredity suppose there is a family who suffered a minus as a father or mother. 
2. Poor Lifestyle 
According to various studies of people who live in urban environments have a greater risk for eye disease minus dibadigkan with people who live in rural areas. 
3. Good Eating less 
poor diet can make the eyes damaged suppose a lack of consumption of foods containing vitamin A. 
4. Less Rest 
Rest less also can make your eye is damaged, it should not be too memforsir for your eyes to work hard. 
In addition minus the eye can occur due to other factors eg a wrong reading habits such as reading in a dimly lit, read while lying and often watch television.
Once you know the various kinds of factors that cause eye minus, now is the time we will discuss about the drug minus the eye . Many ways can be done to cure minus eye surgery including LASIK or eye exercises. But to do that would require a lot of time, so most people choose not to do so. Not many of them are also afraid to do the surgery, so they prefer to use the most potent drug minus the eye .
Here is a way that can be done as a natural cure minus eye among others: 
1. Remove the glasses are not necessary if eg you are in the narrow room, so you can still see it clearly. 
2. Train your eyes and make it a habit to see objects long distances without the use of glasses. 
3. Train your eyes to see objects moving suppose motorcycle passing by on the highway. 
4. Treating eye minus using betel leaves. The trick grab serih leaves kemudan bershkan, after which time you will sleep dikelopak betel leaf paste your eyes. 
5. Cleaning eyes regularly eg by using eye drops. 
6. When you drive should use a helmet or goggles to prevent dust from entering your eyes. 
7. You can also consume carrots such as carrot juice or carrot soup. 
8. If you work at a computer, you should take the time every 25 minutes to move from the front of the computer screen. You can see the outside environment or just for a moment to take a drink. 
How can you do if you do not have much time to do eye exercises or LASIK surgery. Hope it is useful.
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