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Causes of Irregular Menstruation

- 2:29 PM
Irregular menstruation can occur in any woman. Ideally span of regular menstrual cycles between 21-35 days. With the normal physiological cycle can describe the woman tends healthy and do not possess the problems. Good hormonal system can be shown with the egg cell is produced and regular menstrual cycles. But his ralita not all women have had a normal cycle, many of which have sklus irregular menstruation.
Some causes of irregular menstruation include:

Disturbed hormone function

Menstruation is associated with hormone system is regulated by the brain, specifically in the pituitary gland. The way the performance of this hormonal system is to send a signal to the ovaries to produce eggs. If the system is disturbed, then automatically the menstrual cycle will be disrupted.

Systemic abnormalities

Body fat or thin can affect the menstrual cycle because the body's metabolic system is not working properly. For those who suffer from diabetes also affects the menstrual cycle becomes irregular.


Stress was also able to disrupt the body's metabolic system, a result of stress, the body becomes easily tired, drastic weight loss even up sick so it will make your metabolism disturbed.Consequently menstrual cycle will be disrupted.


Adenoids or impaired thyroid gland can cause irregular menstrual cycles. These disorders may be too high production of thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or the production of thyroid is too low (hypothyroidism). As a result of the body's hormonal system will participate concerned on.

Prolactin hormone Excess

Production of the hormone prolactin, which is quite high in nursing mothers can make the mother is not bleeding because this hormone function depress fertility rates mother. If this occurs in women who are not breastfeeding is usually caused by abnormalities in the pituitary gland.
Once you know some of the causes of irregular menstruation, then we will discuss about the drug made from irregular menstruation traditional namely:

1. Herb Flower Flower Shoes

3 Prepare the bud hibiscus 
hibiscus washed, then mash until smooth and cook with 1 cup of water. Add vinegar to taste wait until boiling. Strain, then drinking water concoction three times a day as much as half a glass.

2. Herb Papaya Leaf

Prepare 2 leaves fresh papaya 
Rinse papaya then boiled using a glass of water. Wait until boiling then saring.Campurkan with acid and salt to taste to reduce the bitter taste. While warm drink the potion.

3. Herb Lime

Orange juice to taste 
Take 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix with hot water and honey. Drink this mixture 3 times a day half cup.

4. Herb Turmeric

Prepare turmeric to taste 
Peel the turmeric to clean skin, washed and shredded until smooth. Cook over boiling water until then strain and then drink.

5. Herb Leaf Spinach

Trunk and roots of spinach 6 1/7 finger grips. 
can dicampukan herb in honey and drink.
Traditional materials can be used as a facilitator menstrual those of you who have menstrual irregularities. Menstrual irregularities that occur in women can also be caused because the woman is pregnant. There is no harm in doing PP test to determine if you are pregnant or not positive. Hopefully this article useful to you.

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