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Low Blood Symptoms and Causes of Low Blood

- 2:28 PM
Low blood pressure or hypotension blood is so low that promote symptoms or signs caused by blood flow rendahmelalui arteries and veins. When the blood flow is too low to carry oxygen and nutrients-sutrisi enough on vital organs, the brain, the kidneys, the heart, the organs do not function normally and will cause permanent damage. Unlike the case with high blood pressure, low blood pressure can know the signs and symptoms of low blood flow and is not determined by a specific blood pressure numbers. In general, the systolic blood pressure for healthy adults ranges from 90-120 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) whereas for diastolic blood pressure is normally between 60-80 mmHg.
Symptoms of low blood include: 
- Diarrhea 
- Stress 
- Shock 
- Fever 
- Dehydration 
- Vomiting 
- Pregnancy 
- Maternity 
- problems or disorders of the heart 
- side effects of certain drugs 
- low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
The characteristics of low blood that usually happens to someone, among others:
  1. Patients usually complain of headaches or frequent dizziness.
  2. Patients usually will often experience confusion.
  3. Patients usually will often feel blurred vision, or eye dizzy. This occurs when the patient after prolonged sitting and then immediately stand or walk.
  4. Patients will feel the body tired even no energy to do activities.
  5. Frequent yawning.
  6. Often cold sweat on the feet and hands.
  7. Patients usually looked pale and weak pulse.
In addition there are other causes of low blood caused by the dilation of blood vessels, hormonal changes in the body, anemia, side effects of drugs, and there are problems in the liver and endocrine. If you have traits such as the above, it is certain that you are exposed to lower blood.Well, for those of you who suffer from low blood then often move to the blood circulation in the body. Perbanyaklah water consumption to help reduce the symptoms of low blood. In addition, you can also increase the salt content in your diet, but do not be excessive, because the exaggeration was also not good because it will lead to hypertension or high blood pressure that can harm the body.
 Prevention efforts can you do to avoid low blood that you must diligently exercise to keep your body to keep it healthy, and be diligent in eating fruits and vegetables that are useful to enhance the immune system so that you avoid the attack of various diseases that interfere your health later. Hopefully this post useful to you and you can pay more attention to your health again mainly on the symptoms of low blood disease.

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