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Technology Can Disturb Intimacy Family, Really?

- 5:51 AM

Life in the modern era with full technological unusually sophisticated gadgets to make life easier. Unfortunately, the technology is like a double-edged knife, if not used appropriately can interfere with the relationship closeness within the family. Including the relationship between the couple.

How often we see two people sitting in a cafe or restaurant but did not talk to each other because it was busy with a mobile phone or tablet. In fact, communication is the key to the success of a relationship. Therefore, let's stop for a moment and read the article about the reasons the technology could interfere with the proximity of relationship you and your partner.

Smart phone addiction

There is only performed by couples with smart phones? Whether it is a reply to an email, SMS, social networking play and so on. Addiction wearing smart phone is a very common thing in the modern era like now, even one person can have more than one smart phone. Try to turn off the phone every spending time together in order to improve your relationship and your partner.

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Addicted to playing games

Please check, whether the couple to spend more time playing online games than with family? This could mean a clue if he is addicted to playing online games. Studies show that many couples break up because of video game addiction. The best thing you can do is turn off the gadget or a pair of video games a while and take a walk outside the home in order to attach back.

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