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Dangers Of Physical And Psychological Stress

- 4:50 AM

In the middle of dense daily activities that take up a lot of time, coupled with the burden of life that accumulate, not to mention the modern society full of problems and many other issues made a lot of people become susceptible to stress.

Stress occurs because the body's physiological needs or situations that pose a potential hazardous environment or cause certain changes, thus making a person is required to conduct a defense mechanism which is very draining performance of the brain and body.

By doing so, little by little began to arise symptoms of stress or even may have entered the stage suffer from stress. If this is allowed, it will greatly affect the health, both physically and psychologically.

Stress is closely related to the pressures of life are increasingly high. At first glance, the stress looks simple, but the consequences are serious enough even under certain conditions can lead to death. Stress experienced by every person has a different impact. It depends on the ability of each individual in the face. Not infrequently those who want to eliminate stress enough to indulge like going to the salon, sightseeing or vacation to calm the mind.

However, many of those who actually take it out by using sedatives, drugs, alcohol, smoking or other things that are considered to relieve stress, but it is only temporary. On the contrary, it will only make the body become damaged and stressed the upswing. This is the stage where the stress began to affect a person's mental. If not handled properly, of course, stress will be very dangerous.

There are so many changes that occur in people who suffer from stress. In general, stress can lead to physical changes or organs for the sufferer. In addition, stress also affects the psychological, as always feel anxious and tense with excess capacity, easily saturated, less berkonstrasi, always prejudiced, easy drop and much more.

Here the danger of physical and psychological stress on a person:

Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating
A study revealed that chronic stress can make a person easy to forget. This occurs as expressed by Bruce McEwen, PhD, head of the endocrinology lab-neiro Rockefeller University in New York says that chronic stress can alter the structure of nerve cells connected to the brain, causing a person to be often forget or disruptions in remembering names or directions.
This happens because the hormones that are released when a person is under stress will suppress short-term memory. However, no need to worry about forgetting effect generally lasts only temporary. In addition, stress also will menggganggu one's concentration. This is because a person who experienced stress had many thoughts in his brain, so he could not concentrate on doing a job. One easy way to optimize the performance of the brain that is by listening to music. Of course, the music you listen to music with the rhythm must be a low tone.

Stress is happening because so much of the burden of mental and thoughts that envelop the brain. However, not only the brain that could be felt but other organs such as the stomach can also feel the effect. For some people who are sensitive, abdominal pain such as heartburn or nausea will appear when a person feel anxious, nervous, scared, or sad.
Not only that, stress can also interfere with a person's diet that affect the internal organs such as stomach ulcer disease. Someone who experience mild stress usually become big appetite, so that he will eat in the portion very much. This of course affects the weight that will continue to grow. Conversely, if a person experiences stress, appetite is lost. Does not rule out the possibility of heartburn will attack him.

One way a person to avoid stress is to sleep. When a person sleeps, the repair process will occur in the body and the removal of toxins in the body, so that when he woke body becomes fit again and the body will be fresh. However, such a case could not be obtained by someone who has insomnia. Insomnia is a symptom of disorder in the sleep patterns of a person.
Apparently insomnia is not merely symptoms of difficulty a person to fall asleep, but it could have been someone only briefly and did not sleep well, so the effect on the condition of the body when awake. As a result, the body becomes tired and less fresh. Insomnia caused by stress can make a person with hypertension, heart failure and diabetes. Insomnia can be overcome by doing yoga, or a simple way to compress the head with cold water.

It was according to the research conducted by doctors from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. They conducted experiments on 12 people who suffer from primary insomnia, the insomnia is caused by stress.

In his experiments, they were given a plastic hood that contains a cold water to put on the scalp and forehead. This is done because people with insomnia have a higher brain activity. After a while, it seems that the plastic hood can lower the temperature prefrontal cortex, which is part of a person's brain which encourages the body to sleep. Thus, the brain activity slows down and push it to fall asleep quickly, it takes only 13 minutes for them to fall asleep. Keep in mind, the way that it is not absolute, but it never hurts to try.

Almost everyone has felt a headache. There are many factors that cause a person affected by headaches, either because of stress. Not only that, typically headache caused by stress coupled with a stiff neck. This occurs because of stress reaction will stimulate the heart to contract becomes harder and raise blood pressure.
Therefore, the impact of ill health on the part of the head and neck felt tight. To slightly ease the headache try enough sleep, drink plenty of water, do breathing exercises or perform simple massage on the temple continued to the forehead repeatedly.

Heart disease
It is very clear, the heart is a vital organ in our body, the blood pumping and distribute it throughout the body. When a person experiences stress, the blood pressure is high, thus forcing the heart to work harder with a very heavy burden.
That certainly would make and force the heart to work faster and more powerful. If the situation occurs continuously for long periods of time, there will be damage to the heart, which is even more dangerous is that it can experience a sudden heart attack and lead to death

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