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Efficacy and Benefits Breadfruit for Body Health

- 3:50 PM
Breadfruit have many properties for health. Breadfruit is a plant species that live in the South Pacific region. Each one season breadfruit can produce approximately up to 200 fruit on one tree every year. Breadfruit usually green before ripe. When ripe breadfruit skin color usually appears yellowish, breadfruit also do not have seeds. Additionally when ripe breadfruit has a soft texture and has a distinctive aroma, its flesh color was yellowish beige. There are two types of breadfruit, namely:
- Breadfruit seed
This type of breadfruit can be consumed with roasted, baked, fried, or can also be boiled.
- Breadfruit Without Seeds
This type of breadfruit can be directly consumed raw or cooked. In India seedless breadfruit leaf decoction is used to treat high blood pressure and to reduce bronchial asthma.

Here are the various types of nutrient content in breadfruit that we summarized from pages include:
- carbohydrate
- energy
- fiber
- protein
- sugar
- mineral
- calcium
- Iron
- magnesium
- phosphorus
- potassium
- sodium
- zink
- folic
- niacin
- riboflavin
- thiamin
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin K

Besides the nutrients are abundant breadfruit also has many health benefits for the body include:

1    Carbohydrate rich
    Breadfruit many carbohydrates as the main energy source for the body. Therefore breadfruit typically used by athletes to therapy.
2    Fiber-rich
    Fiber is very beneficial for health. The fiber content in the breadfruit is very helpful for your digestive health and can reduce cholesterol levels.
3    Low Fat
    Low fat content on breadfruit you can use as your diet therapy.
4    Low Protein
    Excess protein can lead to stress and disruption in your kidneys. The breadfruit is suitable for use as your daily diet.
5    High Potassium
    Potassium is very useful to improve the health of your body.
6    Containing Omega 3
    Omega 3 is an essential component to optimize the health of the body. Besides omega 3 also serves to balance cholesterol, strengthen and build bone as well as useful to the health of your skin. 
Good For Digestion 
7     Substances contained in breadfruit fiber is very good for your digestive system. As well as useful to avoid your digestive problems.
8     As Anti-oxidant
     Anti-oxidants in breadfruit very useful to counteract free radicals, as well as to destroy bacteria and viruses. In addition breadfruit can prevent the risk of osteo arthritis, arthtiti arthtritis, heart disease and cancer.
9     Energy sources
     Carbohydrates contained in breadfruit useful for generating energy in the body.
10     Good For The Heart
     The content of potassium contained in the breadfruit is very good for your heart health 

Besides the benefits of Vitamins, potassium and fiber to the breadfruit for health, among others:
- Improve wound healing
- Helps prevent cell damage
- Improving gum health
- Improve dental health
- Improve the anti-body
- Protection from free radicals
- Minimizing aging
- Prevent cancer
- Increase the iron assimilation
- Improving lung health
- Helps prevent colds
- Protects against bacterial infection
- Improve nerve function
- Improve muscle function
- Preventing stress
- Reduce fatigue
- Prevent heart disease
- Prevent hypertension
- Prevent diarrhea
- Normalize blood sugar
- Normalize cholesterol levels
- Prevent intestinal problems
- Prevent hemorrhoids
- Reduce weight
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