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How to Treat Eye Hospital Experience

- 2:40 PM
Eye pain is a disorder or disease that could make someone's eyes hurt so will trigger various eye diseases such as scleritis, konjunctivitis, uveitis, glaucoma and so on. Several kinds of causes eye pain , among others: 
1. Bacterial conjunctivitis 
This type of eye diseases caused by bacterial infection. It is if it does not get good treatment it will cause serious impact to the eye. Sore eyes as a result of bacterial conjunctivitis usually will mengeluarkankan secret (Belek) thick and yellow-green. 
2. Viral conjunctivitis 
Viral conjunctivitis can occur because it is caused by a virus. One type of eye disease that can be transmitted but can be cured by itself. Viral conjunctivitis have characteristics which issued secret watery and clear. 
3. Conjunctivitis due to irritation 
irritation may occur due to splash or smth foreign objects or chemicals. Signs symptoms of eye pain because of irritation include: watery eyes and sometimes issue a secret that a little lumpy and will be able to heal on its own even without medical treatment. 
4. Allergic conjunctivitis 
eye pain due to allergies usually can disebabkana by dust, pollen, or animal dander. This type of sore eyes usually not contagious. Signs symptoms include itching of the eyes occurs an interruption in the nose as well as sneezing, stuffy and runny nose.
Well, now it's time we talk about how to treat sore eyes among others: 
- Wash your face using clean water to your eyes free from dust and dirt. 
- After that, dry with a dry towel. 
- Take 1 clove of garlic and then peeled. 
- Pototng bit of garlic at the edges. 
- Rub the eye gradually as going to use eye liner. 
- Perform on the bottom eyelid, because the content of the garlic will evaporate into the eyes. 
- Wait for a while until the garlic react and cause the pain , tingling and tears. 
- After that do not directly washed, do a few times. 
- How this can be done before bed so as not to interfere with your activities.
In addition, you can also use eye pain medications , however before you need to go to a doctor to know that you are suffering from sore eyes caused because of allergies, irritants, bacteria and viruses that eye pain medications are used appropriately. But if you want to choose a natural eye pain medication you can use methods as above. These methods can do at home while before going to bed. However, if in a few days there is no change, then you should consult your eye doctor eye.
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