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Let's improve health by dancing!

- 2:16 PM
Mari tingkatkan kesehatan dengan menari! 

Still remember the last time you danced? Either because you really like dancing or suddenly you listen to music that is fun to dance to. Maybe this time a few months ago or even you do not remember the last time you danced. Because you think that dancing is only for small children only.
In fact, you are wrong. Dancing alone provide many important benefits for the health of your body. Dilansi of, here are the healthy benefits that you can get to the dance.
Improve memoryWhen you're dancing, then the center of your brain's cognitive and neural plasticity will be active. It makes neurons become more healthy then make your memory increases include memory capabilities in remembering something.
Improve moodJust like sports, dancing also will make the release of endorphins in the body that will make you feel better again. So the mood will deteriorate recovered.
Reduce stressBecause of bad mood can be recovered, then all kinds of stress and depression will be reduced. You will be healthier and cheerful.

Makes staying in shape
You include people who are lazy to exercise but still always want to fit? Why do not you try to dance? Dancing alone will increase blood flow and lymph nodes, increase muscle flexibility, and reduce the rigidity of the body. The result? The body will always be healthy and fit.

There are so many different types of dances that you can do to make your body healthy. You just choose any kind of dance which is suitable for you.
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