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Feature Feature Causes Cancer and Lymph Nodes

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Lymph node cancer is one of the deadly diseases which must be on the alert by everyone. Cancer is one of this attack various groups with multiple causes. Such disease lymphatic cancer or who has another name "lymphoma" has a fairly high degree of malignancy, which is related to cancer in the lymphatic system in the body. The lymphatic system itself is the part that has a very important role in the body, where it functions as the guardian of a person's immune system. With a weak lymphatic system, of course, the body will be prone to various diseases, one of which is no longer able to resist the seeds of cancer and infections in the body.
Lymphatic as a white liquid like milk has a protein content of fat and also high in lymphocytes, wherein the compound should be able to spread throughout the body. When limfaktik can not work effectively anymore, it has been ascertained if the body does not get the content needed by the body, and the body was weakened durability.
Feature Feature Causes Cancer and Lymph NodesIllustration pengecekkan lymphatic cancer by doctors © ShutterstockType Cancer Lymph NodesLymph node cancer is usually found in the armpits, neck, or can also occur in the groin. This kind of disease is divided into two parts, yatu Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Hodgkin's diseaseThis type of lymphoma disease generally attacks the lymphoid tissue found in the spleen or lymph nodes. In general, the type of cancer attacks the lymph nodes of the young men with ages of 1 to 38 years or in men aged over 50 years. This disease usually occurs because cells do not work normally. Usually a person when experiencing problems of this kind of disease will experience some symptoms such as the following:

The existence of swelling in the neck, groin, armpits and other parts where the sufferer will experience pain.
There are some people who are having problems this disease usually experience problems chest and the result is difficulty breathing.
Will have a fever with a habit of sweating at night, weight loss and decreased appetite.

When lymph cancer does not get treatment quickly and appropriately, it will cause the spread of abnormal cells in nearby lymph nodes which causes damage to other structures such as the liver, lungs and other body organs.
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma DiseaseFor these types of lymph node cancer usually occurs in the second person experiencing the disease is at an advanced stage. This disease can spread to various nodes such as lymphoid organs, liver, spleen, lymph and also can attack on the part of a person's bone marrow. Can in say, a type of cancer of lymph nodes both have much more severe than the first kind. Here are some signs of a person experiencing this type of disease

Enlargement of the lymph nodes
Enlargement of adenoids, tonsils, lymph nodes located in the neck which looks rosy
The occurrence of symptoms of fever, body tiredness, body weight decreased significantly and often sweating at night.

Both types of the disease has definitely a cause, whereby when the cause is done continuously and not run the activities of treatment, the disease is definitely going to be spreading and getting worse. For the cause of lymph node disease itself is like this.
Some causes of lymph node cancer:

Due to hereditary factors or factors ginetik
A decrease in the body's immune
Consuming foods that use preservatives, herbicides and also contains foods that contain food dyes made from chemicals.
Often drinking beverages that contain alcohol
Very rarely take the time to exercise
Lack consume water
Someone who is passive smokers
Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of rest, and do not pay attention to food consumption.

Those are some factors that cause the occurrence of lymph node cancer, but besides some causes of the above, there are still some causes and some of the factors that cause this disease lymph nodes can occur.
1. Due to virusThe virus is usually brought by the environment, wind, animals and so forth can be one of the factors that cause a person to suffer from these lymph node cancer. Someone if attacked by a particular virus which then become infected body. Usually someone who experienced this, will be characterized by flu-like symptoms terserangnya which will then be the swelling of lymph nodes.
2. As a result of infectionThe body is infected by certain dangerous substances make the body suffer from health problems. The infection naturally by the body and then an increase in the number of lymphocytes or white blood cells, is one of the signs that the presence of substances that are not in the know that enters the body.
3. Inflammation or inflammationInflation or inflammation that occurs in the lymph nodes, which are caused by foreign substances in the body. This triggers inflammation of the white blood cells which then are then shut off the white blood cells as foreign substances to come.
4. The occurrence of blood cancerBlood cancer is one of the diseases that can cause lymph node cancer. Penyakt blood cancer is indeed really can not spelekan, because it will lead to other negative things that teradi lymph nodes. This is because the lymph in the body become unmanageable numbers or these events are usually called with leukemia.
That glimpse discussion of the characteristics and causes of disease characteristics lymph node cancer in a person. For penangannnya itself, unusual for a patient who experienced signs of the lymph nodes in the armpits, neck and groin then the doctors will perform pengecekkan other organs such as the liver and spleen.
After examination, the patient will undergo blood tests done specifically in the laboratory, which is usually also the experts will examine other substances in the body such as LDH or lactate dehydrogenase. Furthermore, there will be other stages of treatment stages that should be done by the patient's disease lymphatic cancer itself.
That information regarding lymph node cancer that you can see, where to determine some of the causes of his causes above you can avoid the causes of these causes. For those of you who do not want to experience this type of lymph cancer this one then, make sure you run a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to the food you eat food, so the food you eat will not be a disease that can be fatal to you.
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