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Know the Meningitis Disease

- 11:08 PM

As we know, recently famous artist Olga Saputra death caused by one disease meningitis. The disease is called meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane itself around the brain and spinal cord.
Meningitis is usually disebebakan by bacteria or viruses, and sometimes caused a fungal infection, although almost all of the microbes that can cause meningitis occur.When inflamed, meningitis causes swelling of the area of ​​infection, usually in the neck. The nervous system and the brain can be damaged in some cases. The three symptoms of meningitis that warrant concern are fever, headache, and stiff neck.
Meningitis Disease recognize from Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention.Illustration of meningitisThe steps of the handling of meningitis can be done with some of the following:Handling of meningitis can be done with lots of rest and drink painkillers for headaches. While the treatment of meningitis in patients with meningitis, can be treated with antibiotics or medicines to treat infections caused by bacteria.
Care needs to be done in the hospital. For more severe cases, it is advisable treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) so that the body's vital functions can be closely monitored.
Meningitis actually be easier to treat if found early, because at a certain stage will be difficult to treat, as in the case of Olga Saputra said Meningitisnya already at stage 4 so it is very difficult to treat and the risk is death.
As for how to prevent meningitis can do the following:1. Vaccination earlyIn Indonesia, there are two types of meningitis vaccine, which polysakarida meningococcal vaccine and meningococcal conjugate vaccines. Polysakarida meningococcal vaccine can be given for any age and is able to provide protection for 90-95 percent. For children under 5 years of age, the vaccine can last 1-3 years. As for the adults will protect for 3-5 years. For mengingokokus conjugate vaccine only to the age of 11-55 years. BPOM suggests that individuals aged 11-55 years doing this conjugate meningitis vaccination program.
The best way to prevent meningitis is to receive the vaccine early. However, because the disease is still very occur in Indonesia, the vaccine early on not become mandatory.
2. Healthy lifestyleFor example the case with the Olga Saputra, meningitis occurs because Olga too force yourself to work day and night and less adequate rest. Simple steps to avoid the disease is in fact by running a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet and adequate rest and do not forget sports, so the risk of meningitis will be small, and even non-existent.
The point of all this is definitely all disease can affect anyone, and it is our duty not to be exposed to various kinds of diseases try to run a healthy lifestyle as it should. Hopefully useful article.
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