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Lets Improve Sleep Quality By Eating Foods

- 6:42 AM
Currently insomnia become one of the many diseases that affect adults and elderly. Most of them feel disturbed as a result of hours of sleep at night are not controlled.
Some are those that rarely get a good night's sleep. They usually often feel uneasy that abysmally, difficult to get a comfortable sleeping position as well as easily disturbed by strange noises which are common typing night. In addition, those who get enough sleep time, but when you wake up feeling sluggish, tired and want to resume her.
For those who suffer from insomnia, a common solution is to get a prescription from a doctor and replace the bed with a moderate level of softness. Conditions pillows were too soft and too hard could be a factor causing disturbance in one's sleep.
Amun besides, those other causes which can lead to poor quality of sleep, ie, one of which is a pattern that is less intact. Yes, the type of food you consume daily will also determine the quality of your sleep at night. This does not mean just stop consuming coffee, which we know coffee can make someone awake longer.
Well, here are those of you who want to improve the quality of sleep, some of these foods will help you realize a more restful sleep and more comfortable:

Consumption of foods with kandugan kaarboohidrat
By eating foods containing carbohydrates the body will get a burst of energy a few minutes later. In addition, carbohydrates will also be able to improve blood sugar levels in the body, which in turn will trigger the body to produce insulon to regulate blood sugar. Well, after the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body decreases then you will quickly feel sleepy so you can fall asleep soundly.

Kunsumsi low-fat foods
When about bedtime should keep food menus such as junk food, fried foods or other food with a high fat content. Because apart from endangering the health and can increase the risk of obesity. Foods that are high in fat will exacerbate curfew someone who makes a good night's sleep becomes.

Consumption of snack with vitamin B6
When you feel a little hungry between meals, do not rush to grab a bag of chips. because these foods contain preservatives and sodium that are so high which is not good for your health. Instead, choose healthy snack options such as cereals, nuts or bananas. Because some of these foods have a good content of vitamin B6. Actually, Vitamin B6 does not have major benefits in improving the quality of sleep, but contributes in creating the hormone melatonin, a hormone that we deliver fast asleep. For this reason, the above foods will be good in improving the quality of your sleep.

Consumption of foods containing natural melatonin
Melatonin is a neurohormone that acts as an anti-oxidant. Well, a natural source of melatonin hormone is what you get from the cherries. Cherries contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin and then into melatonin in the body. The hormone melatonin is a natural seyawa which can be an alternative drug for sleeping. To that end, consume cherries will be very powerful assist you in improving your sleep quality. Drinking cherry juice during the day and before bed is a natural remedy for insomnia. In addition to cherries, natural melatonin can also be found dalah fish, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, almonds and certain crops such as rice, wheat and oats.
Similarly, some list of foods that can improve sleep quality. Adequate rest periods with good sleep quality will be able to restore your energy is drained so that you will feel better prepared to re-do their daily activities.
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