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Frequency of use of sunglasses can make a headache?

- 2:10 PM
Keseringan pakai sunglasses bisa bikin pusing? 
The holidays have arrived and that means you will often spend a lot of time outdoors. Go to the beach, mountains, and amusement park on a sunny day you can choose to brighten your holiday. One of the devices that are required for you to use during the holidays is wearing sunglasses or sunglasess. Not for just a style, but sunglasess can prevent your eyes from direct sunlight.
But did you know that there is a danger behind the use of sunglasses? Reporting from, in fact, the use of sunglasses can make heads spin.
How can? Research from the British Osteopathic Association showed that a fifth of Britons often endure the pain because of the use of sunglasses that are too pressing. Strong pressure is unwittingly going to make them have headaches and neck pain.
Responding to these conditions, the researchers of the institute also advise you that you better buy sunglasses from an officially registered optics. Because then you can choose the type of optics that suits your face shape and proportions thus eliminating the discomfort and health risks.
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