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Ssttt ... The signs of dehydration are hidden

- 2:13 PM

Lent arrives, of course, hours of eating and drinking you are restricted. In addition to feeling hungry, you will surely feel thirsty. But in addition to thirst, dehydration usually affects those who fasted.Not only dry mouth, here are some other hidden signs of dehydration as reported from crampsIn addition to physical signs that look like dry skin, muscle cramps can also occur if you are dehydrated. This is because muscle requires one injection fluid obtained from the water in order to actively move.Dry skinMost people experience dry skin without thinking that dehydration is the cause. So how do the characteristics of dry skin due to dehydration? Normally the skin will easily peel off, itching, and less flexible.Feeling moodyResearch shows that when a person feels dehydrated, he was also easy to feel glum. Besides moody, mood they are also going awry, irritability, and fatigue.HungrySometimes people can not distinguish between hunger and thirst which leads to dehydration. Most people think that the sense of hunger is actually a sense of dehydration.Do you often feel the signs above, especially when fasting? Should try to always meet the needs of your body fluids of all time open until dawn. For if dehydration continues, it will become worse.
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