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Opponents risk of colon cancer with cinnamon!

- 2:06 PM
Lawan risiko kanker usus besar dengan kayu manis! 

Indonesia is a country rich in spices. Not only useful as a cooking spice, spices fact also serves as an herbal remedy your body. One type of spices that can be easily found is cinnamon. Fragrant aroma and sweet delights often create flavorful dishes.
Reporting from, cinnamon was also useful to keep you from the risk of colon cancer. Professor Georg Wondrak, Ph.D. and Professor Donna Zhang, Ph.D. The University of Arizona who have just completed their studies found that the substance cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon can protect mice against the risk of colorectal cancer or colon cancer.
"Cinnamaldehyde time of entry into the large intestine will actively destroy cancer cells and lining the intestinal walls of harmful bacteria," said zhang. "Because cinnamon is an herbal ingredient, then of course the traditional treatment is not harmful to the health of your body."
This study had previously been published in Cancer Prevention Research
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