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Good Healthy Food For Pregnant Women Pregnant Young Parents Nor

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Healthy foods for pregnant women is important to be aware of. Moreover, if the pregnancy is still treading 1-2 months. Why is that? Because, at the moment that the fetus begins to grow and require nutrients in order to develop properly.

However, now many health myths about healthy meals, and strangely longer trusted by many mothers in Indonesia. That pregnant women should eat food 2 times more. Is it true that statement? The answer is wrong. Actually, not 2 times more, but 2 times more nutritious.

When pregnant women eat too much, then the calories in the body will also increase. As a result, obesity was not inevitable. Pregnant women who are obese do not necessarily give birth to children who are obese as well. Finally, you will find it hard to lose weight after giving birth later.

So, what should be done by pregnant women? Fairly easy, rutinlah eat nutritious food according to the stage of fetal growth. This is done so that the nutritional intake of pregnant women could be targeted. Here is a healthy food for pregnant women:

Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

Here are some healthy foods for pregnant women who need to know, please be listened to carefully.


Eggs have a good enough nutrients for pregnant women. Eggs contain 12 vitamins and minerals, and protein quality. Protein is needed by the fetus to the formation of body cells. In addition, eggs also contain choline is beneficial for brain health as well the baby's growth. Choline is also believed to prevent neural tube defects.



Fiber and protein in legumes is beneficial to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Yes, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to this disease. Therefore, consume legumes such as beans in your diet every day. In addition, nuts mainly on seeds contain a lot of iron and calcium.

Dark Green Leaf Vegetables

Vegetables are very useful for the health of pregnant women. Especially dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli. The leaf vegetables contain a lot of vitamin A, C, K, and folate. In addition to good health of the body, dark green leafy vegetables are also good for eye health.

Not Fatty meat

Meat is a good source of protein most. However, you also have to be careful in choosing the meat. Advised to buy lean meats. By doing so, the nutritional protein will be easily absorbed by the body without having to worry about the dangers of fat content.

Fruits and Vegetables Colorful

Fruits and vegetables are colorful too good for pregnant women. You can eat fruits and vegetables green, purple, orange, red, and yellow. Each group of fruits and colorful vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Thus some information about healthy foods for pregnant women. The above are just some of the authors summarize, because the food on fairly easy to come by. You can vary according to taste nutritious food.
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