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Healthy food menu is Good for Your Health

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For everyone, crave a healthy life is a dream. But many people who dream of a healthy life without making the necessary efforts to be healthy. Efforts can be made to healthy living, among others, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoid things that are harmful to the body, such as alcohol and cigarettes, and the last one is to eat healthy foods.

Healthy diet that we consume would not have to be expensive and luxurious. By eating a healthy diet, the body will have a good immune so it will not be susceptible to disease. In addition, eating a healthy diet will also help growth. Therefore, eating a healthy diet is very important, especially for the children and teenagers who are growing.

Healthy food menu is Good for Your Health
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On this occasion we will discuss healthy food menu for lunch, breakfast and dinner so we could arrange the food we eat in our every meal. In the morning, breakfast is very important because breakfast is the preparation done by eating foods that will be converted into energy to do activities. At breakfast time, we should avoid foods that contain too much carbohydrate.


This is done to avoid a sudden rise in blood sugar. Then, the body will secrete insulin great substance, and this will cause sugar levels down, these rights will make us easy to feel hungry again.

Healthy food menu for lunch that can be consumed is red rice or white rice, beans, green and red vegetables, meat or eggs and fruit juices. Some energy is lost due to activity from morning to afternoon to be replaced so that the nutrients in the body teteap balanced. This can be replaced by consuming food during the day. In this way, you will be ready to resume activity unfinished. Consuming a good lunch is around 12 to 1 pm.

For a healthy diet in the evening we should avoid foods that contain lots of gas. This is done to avoid bloating in your stomach. Examples of good food for dinner is a cereal grain, milk, tuna fish, and whole grain breads. By consuming foods that appropriate and timely, then in addition will be able to maintain a healthy body, and also gives us the stamina and energy to be able to act with better.

Healthy food also suitable to be used as a food menu for those who are in the diet. In this way, in addition to getting the ideal body, we also will remain able to maintain the health of our body in a natural way without the use of dangerous drugs.
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