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Understanding Healthy Foods to Maintain Our Health

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any people are still not implementing a healthy lifestyle. Smoking, less exercise and eating fast food almost no nutritional value at all. In foods, which we must do is to eat healthy foods. By eating healthy food, we have implemented the first step to start a healthy life.

Understanding their own healthy food is food that contains nutritional balance and contains a substance that is needed by our body to grow and develop. Healthy food is supposed to have a lot of nutrient content, and the content of, among others, carbohydrates, minerals, protein, vitamins and unsaturated fats in small amounts only.

Understanding Healthy Foods to Maintain Our Health
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The content contained in these healthy foods also called the 4 healthy 5 perfect food. As mentioned earlier, that the food was included in the definition of healthy foods containing 5 nutrients the body needs, among others carbohydrates, examples of foodstuffs containing it are rice, cassava, wheat, bread and much more.

While examples of foods containing minerals are vegetables and also a variety of fruits. To obtain the protein, we can get by eating foods such as tempeh, tofu eggs and meat. To obtain the vitamins, we can consume fruits. And the latter to obtain the saturated fat we can do with consuming milk.


By understanding the sense of healthy food, we will know how important food is to our body. Healthy food we eat will help our body to stay healthy and fit. Besides consuming a healthy diet is also very important, especially at the age of growth, because healthy foods will help our growth process.

Healthy food does not mean the food is expensive or fancy. Nutrition experts themselves categorize the type of food that is included in the healthy foods into four categories, namely staple food, side dishes.

The first category is the staple food is a food that contains carbohydrates, which is a substance found in rice, corn, bread, cassava and sago. Carbohydrates are needed by our bodies as a source of energy that will make us able to carry out any activity or activities. Then, that the body has the power then every day we have to eat enough carbohydrates. Next up is the side dishes, which is a category of food side dishes are fish, chicken, meat and others.

Side dishes containing protein and fat that serves to replace damaged cells and body building. Next is a vegetable. These foods contain vitamins and minerals that will be processed body to keep the body so it does not get sick. Then the latter category is the fruit. Fruits contain many vitamins that function the same with vegetables. Thus the article on the definition of healthy foods, which can give you information on living a healthy and natural lenih.
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