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Herbal Medicine For Kids Cough Medicine

- 9:28 PM
positive activity, coughing still must be treated to recover because the cough is able to interfere with daily activities and be able to spread to others. Cough experienced by children sometimes make a confused mother to have to do anything.

Provision of chemical drugs sometimes even not heal but cause more severe cough. Besides the provision of chemical drugs constantly will give health effects are not good at the future because the body is no longer able to respond to the drug will be given as viruses and bacteria that have developed resistance to attack substances present in the drug. There are many natural ways to treat your child's cough one of them is with natural treatments. There are some herbal remedies that you can use as a cough medicine, such as:

Cough medicine Son of Natural Ingredients

1. Honey and lemon

As already known, honey is a food that have properties to cure various diseases. While lime has a lot of content that serves to overcome inflammation and infection. Herb blend between honey and lemon is a natural herb that is effective as a cough medicine. You can mix their own concoction at home and do not need to buy a drug that contains chemicals.

2. Powder and ginger

Traditional medicine is already very credible since the first as well as the heated drug is effective cough suppressant. Substances and antibiotics in kencur and ginger are believed to as a cough medicine that does not give harmful side effects for the child. Plants are very easy to get your work surface can be at home with the appropriate dose. Mix ginger smoothed with water and a little honey. Boil until cooked then strain. Give the child before bed until the child recovers. The way a mother wise way to provide treatment against a child cough.


3. Leaves starfruit

Not only the fruit which is useful as vegetables and herbs. Flowers of fruit having sour taste is also effective as cough medicine. Blimbing interest wuluh believed efficacious for treating dry cough suffered by children. You can make a potion of leaves blimbing wuluh mixed with sugar cubes and fennel leaves are boiled simultaneously. Give 2-3 times a day as a medicine to treat your child's cough.

4. Betel leaves

Betel leaves are not only efficacious to strengthen teeth and beneficial for the female reproductive organs (such as the treatment of vaginal discharge) but also useful to relieve cough child. The content of the betel leaves is believed to treat a dry cough that is difficult to recover. You can make cough medicine at home by mixing betel leaf with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and cardamom kemukus. Boil all ingredients together. Give the child 2-3 tablespoons a day until the child recovers cough.

Those are some herbal remedies to treat your child's cough. In an appropriate manner the use of cough medicine with an appropriate dose will treat cough naturally without harmful side effects. Intelligent mother would give wise treatment to children so that children are able to grow well and healthy.
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