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Figs, probably for most people when they hear the name of this fruit still feels strange or never saw. Fig Ficus carica have the Latin name itself is one of the fruits that come from western Asia and is one of the famous fruit for Muslims.

Fig fruit is also supposedly said to come directly from heaven and have so much all the nutrients in the fruit, dintaranya that there is potassium, iron, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and many more various kinds of nutrients that are in the fruit. The fruit is also divided into two types, namely wet figs and dried figs.
Thing that distinguishes the two types of fruit are just a calorie content in it alone. Here are some benefits of figs which we'll share with you all the info.
Multitude of Benefits Fruit TinIt Lho 7 Benefits of Fruit Tin SpecialFig fruit is said to have many benefits, one of which can prevent cancer © pohonbuahtin.comBeneficial for lowering cholesterolThe first benefit is the fig fruit to lower cholesterol levels that exist in your body, so that it can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Read also: Tips for Maintaining levels of LDL Cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol The Normal
For diet drugIf you are currently running a diet program, then you can consume fruit tin, which is very coock once for your consumption and facilitate the diet program you are doing it. See also: 5 Mandatory Food Healthy Diet You Know
Digestive problemsBuh benefits which further tin that is to help launch the digestive system that exist in the body, such as constipation or constipation.
Prevent osteoporosisThis fruit also advises that your bones become stronger. because these fruits contain enough calcium to make strong your bones.
Prevent cancerFig fruit is also used to fight the evil cancer cells that exist in your body, because it is useful also as an anti-free radicals that can damage cells in your bodyA source anti virus, bacteria and fungi as well. The content of tin contained in fruits can also make the body free from various types of diseases, because the fig contains anti-bacterial, viral and fungal so that the immune system is getting stronger. See also: Recognize Tips and How To Prevent Cancer Early
Very good for dietFor those of you who want menadapatkan slim body shape and ideal, then you can take advantage of this tin fruit. Make this fig fruit as a snack you daily for those who want to go on a diet, then by taking it on a regular basis you will get such great benefits for your body changes.
So many other benefits of figs that can not be mentioned one by one. Hopefully we've shared information about some of the benefits this fruit can be useful for your tin all
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