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Why Heel Foot Pain Often? And how to eliminate?Andre Fillophy 3 months ago Medicine, DiseaseThe heel is part of a leg bone composition that has a very important role. The heel is the main fulcrum of our entire body weight when we stand. Someone who spends his time by standing too long in general will experience heel pain.
However there are some assumptions that heel pain is synonymous with gout. This is very reasonable because the deposition of uric acid is too high, forming crystals, crystal well is exactly what causes your heel hurt, especially when you stand up.
Cause of Heel Foot Pain?Why Heel Foot Pain Often? And how to eliminate?Illustration of heel pain © ShutterstockFoot composed of so many bones that each has a tendon or muscle we are familiar with. Tendons usually more specific designation muscle is muscle base and tip. Tendons have a vital role in bone synchronize with one another. Maximum tendon role is what allows us to move more freely.
Well heel pain is also closely related to the performance of the tendon that our activity is hampered by too much use of the heel as the pedestal. Standing too long makes the leg muscles become depressed, causing lumps that would hurt when rubbing against other objects or when we stand.
Mostly, compared to men, the number of women who experience heel pain more significant. It is quite natural to happen especially considering the habit of women who like to wear high heels all. Why? When using high heels, our heels duty to support the entire weight becomes heavier, because the balance of our body automatically pinned to the heel. Using high heels too long will have a negative impact on the health of our feet heel muscle. In addition to high heels, heel pain is also caused by non-ideal body weight or excessive. Weight is too heavy heel automatically assigned to work extra as a pedestal when standing.
How to Treat Foot Pain Heel?Those who consider the cause of heel pain is uric acid will definitely take all means to dampen the pain such as avoiding foods that are known as abstinence. Indeed, avoiding the consumption of foods that increase the risk of uric acid are strongly advised to do. But it would be better if you know the right actually what happened on the heels of your feet.
The author himself strongly recommend to deal with complaints of sore heel of your foot, it's good to see a doctor and consult your complaints. Why should a doctor? Because doctors have more advanced technology to ascertain the condition of your heel, so that can give pain medicine to your feet. Some steps were taken usually is an X-ray. By doing this process, you can determine the condition of the heel more pronounced because it is presented in the form of a picture of your leg bones. Consult with experts will provide an opportunity for you to perform maintenance more effectively and efficiently.
In addition, try to start paying attention to your footwear. Footwear has a very important role to ensure the condition of the heel of your foot in good condition. Use footwear that is really - really comfortable when you wear it. Also, begin to reduce the activity that requires you to stand for long periods and select the most effective exercise for you. Excessive exercise affect heel work harder. Consult with an expert in accordance with the complaint heel pain you experience and immediately provide foot pain medications as soon as possible before it's too late. Hopefully this article more or less useful for you yes. Be healthy! See also: Diligent Sports Endurance Body Can Increase
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