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Often legs Tingling? Alert !! Maybe you Suffering one of this disease !!

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Andre Fillophy 3 months ago DiseaseSurely all of us have experienced that tingling name, and usually common in the legs. Feet tingling in the medical world is referred to as Aresthesia. Aresthesia themselves according to the medical definition is a sensation like being tickled, tingling and sometimes accompanied by numbness or like kerubungi ants, and therefore often called "tingling".
Paresthesia may occur due to transport axons (nerve fibers inside) disrupted so that nutrients from the nerve, too distracted. Did you know? According to a recent study tingling leg is one of the characteristics or symptoms of heart disease. However, there has been no further research and more research on the issue.
Often legs Tingling? Alert !! Maybe you Suffering one of this disease !!Illustration legs tingling © ShutterstockTo the authors tried to summarize some of the diseases that said may happen to you, if you ever experience a tingling (especially in someone who very often experience tingling) makes it possible to develop one of the following diseases:
1. StrokeIt turns tingling legs can be made as an indication you have a stroke. It may just be because one of the factors for stroke are you nervous disturbance, tingling legs while also occur due to disruption of your nerves.
2. HeartHeart disease also occurs because of the complications in the heart and nerves. Again neural influence on some diseases. Usually, blood clots in the brain occurs right at the sensory, and when that happens the patient will feel a tingling on one leg.
3. RheumatismRheumatism can also occur with leg tingling as indication. Because arthritis occurs because there are nerve factor, too. If you experience this, you do not need to worry, if you lost rheumatism automatically tingling you will also be lost.
4. Diabetes (Diabetes)In people with diabetes, tingling is one of the symptoms of damage to the blood vessels. As a result, blood flow in the nerve endings decreases. Usually the symptoms are felt as pain and felt prickling in the legs. Read also: What is Diabetes Inspidus? Is it dangerous for the Body?
Those are some diseases that may be experienced if you often experience tingling feet. To avoid going it all, try to run a healthy lifestyle is right for you to live healthy and avoid various diseases above.
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