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How To Care For Hair Loss No

- 2:46 PM
Sometimes if the hair must be combed hair comb lag in either one or two strands alias loss. Want to know how that hair does not fall out again ??

Before we know how to treat them so that the hair does not fall out again, should we know the cause - causes hair loss.

Because - Because Rontol Hair is :
  1. Because typus disease, diabetes, malaria or other chronic diseases.
  2. Prolonged mental stress.
  3. Because of the low nutrient content.
  4. Or after birth.

For those whose hair loss, you should eat foods that are nutritious, with a regular head massage, hair band unleashed at bedtime and Wash regularly.

Some Prngobatan How To Hair Loss No More:
  1. Hazelnut old until finely ground and combined with water, then cook until the oil yield.Wear oil as hair oil and did repeatedly - again for 2-3 months.
  2. For black hair, after shampooing with clean rinse again with water mixed with lemon juice, do every day was undoubtedly will generate clean and black hair.
  3. Take aloe leaves and cut and pose your last sap collected. The sap can be used to do regularly to wash our hair dense, black and do not fall out again.

Similarly some ways to take care of HAIR TO AVOID MOULT .
May be useful for friends.
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