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How to Skin Disease Treatment (Panu) With Natural Plant

- 2:46 PM
Skin diseases (Panu) is included mild skin disease and easily transmitted. Transmission of this disease can be caused
through the intersection, as clothing, towels.

Diseases Skin (Panu) makes people feel shy and not confident, especially if the fungus disease on the face. Various ways are often done every one to heal, but most people have not found a treatment that is right and good for curing skin diseases (Panu) is. Indeed, a lot of which offer herbal treatment but not necessarily tested the efficacy and usefulness, here we have one way or the best solution for treating skin diseases (Panu) even very alternative and highly effective once by using a natural plant that is very easy to obtain environment around us.

Patients with Skin Diseases (Panu) should bathe clean and orderly, the environment must be clean and exposed to the sun, avoid borrowing - borrowing such as clothing, towels to people with other skin fungus disease.

Disease Treatment Panu way :

  1. Take galangal or fresh laos ago tumbuklah until smooth, you can add a little water and then rubbing on the overgrown Panu it.
  2. Take sulfur then crushed into powder and then added with lime juice and a little salt.Regularly rub on the body of overgrown Panu every morning and afternoon.
  3.   a.) leaves a handful of Chinese ketepeng
b.) Whiting and sulfur

Tumbuklah ingredients until smooth, add a little water after smooth. The collision results are used as a liniment which Panu grow, do it regularly until Panu is lost.

It was some way Treatment of Skin Diseases (Panu), do the way - the way regular basis until Skin Diseases (Panu) lost body.
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