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Treatment of Menstrual way HENA Or If Feels Pain

- 2:48 PM
Menstruation or menstrual definitely come every month to womanhood, menstruation or menstruation because it is often called the coming months. Sometimes menstruation or menstrual feels very sick and stomach ached, but for women DO NOT WORRY !!!
because this time the administrators have a solution how pengobatanya with natural materials in order to menstruation or periods no longer feels very sick and stomach ached.

The following Materials and Methods For Pengobatanya:

The material include:

  1. 1 Cut gambier
  2. 3 pieces of betel leaf
  3. 10 grams of turmeric

The trick is all the ingredients pounded together and squeezed until it is ½ cup water and the juice taken in the morning.

How the hawa ye ?? pretty easy is not the way, danger is also not hard to come by.

So is the way Treatment of Menstrual Or MENSTRUAL to no longer feel pain and stomach ached. Hopefully bermaanfaat for women.
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