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Know Wet Lung Symptoms Occur Frequently

- 10:18 PM
Symptoms of pneumonia course you must know because the wet lung disease or in medical terms is known as "pneumonia" in the category of dangerous diseases. According to the doctors, wet lung disease caused by infection of the lungs. The cause of the pneumonia is bacterial pneumonia.

The infection is usually caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses, but most of these diseases are caused by bacteria. If bacterial pneumonia has been attacked, then the circulation of oxygen the lungs will no longer walk normally. Well, so you can prevent or treat lung wet early on, how good you know the characteristics and symptoms of the disease first.

Symptoms of Lung Wet / Pneumonia

1. Cough

Most people often underestimate disease sometimes cough because coughing is considered to be a seasonal disease or illness that simple. Perhaps, there is a point when you cough because a lot of eating fried foods or because of the effects of rain. However, if you suffer a cough that does not go away when you have to treat it, you could question your cough because it could be that you are suffering cough is a symptom of pneumonia. Typically, patients with pneumonia will have a dry cough first and then followed by coughing up phlegm. See also: Natural Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough

2. Cold Sweat In Palms And Feet

Symptoms of pneumonia that this is one of the most recognizable symptoms. However, why people affected by pneumonia often experience cold tersebut.Keringat is not out due to the effects of the weather was too hot, but the sweat arises because oxygen is not perfect flow in the body. As a result, as a form of protest body, sweat dinginpun issued by tubuh.Sebaiknya, if you are experiencing cold sweats constantly, you can immediately checkups to the doctor to quickly dealt with.


3. Headaches Light

Although pneumonia or pneumonia is a disease that attacks the vital organs of your breathing, but it is often bepengaruh on other organs. This is evident because the majority of people affected by pneumonia often exposed to mild headaches. Headache is a symptom of pneumonia due to supplay oxygen to the brain that substandard or even to say less. So, when the headache attacks you, does not mean your brain is disrupted, it could be that shows you that you are exposed to the disease pneumonia. See also: How to Treat Headaches

4. Fast Tired

Tired is the effect that you received when you are busy with your activities. You need of course is to rest so tired that hit will soon disappear. However, what happens if you do not feel tired doing a lot of activities but continues to hit you continuously. Tired like that you should be questioned because tired for no reason could be the symptoms of pneumonia. Tired caused by pneumonia caused by supplay oxygen throughout the body does not go smoothly so that the body tired and underpowered.

5. Reduced Appetite And Weight Down

Symptoms of pneumonia that is often unrecognized by sufferers. Reduced appetite and weight dropped drastically can be caused by infection of the lungs lungs. If this happens to you, how good you get yourself examined by a doctor. Typically, these characteristics indicate that the pneumonia that you are suffering already in a severe state. So you better treat it immediately so that the disease does not make your lives drift. Good information about the symptoms of pneumonia on top of benefit to the reader. See also: How to fatten the body with healthy and natural
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