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How To Overcome limp hair

- 7:37 AM

Limp hair is one problem that bothers hair. The solution usually by shampooing. But too often shampooing sometimes also make limp hair faster. Then how to make hair limp and can not easily perform volume and full of vitality? Here are the ways that you can apply.

1. Pause Wash Hair
Provide sufficient interval for washing hair. Eg 2-3 days. With a schedule that did not wash your hair too close together, can make the hair more controlled humidity. So the hair is not too soon issue a hair's natural oils.

2. Use Conditioner
Note conditioner you use. Do not overuse the conditioner. Also use precisely from the middle to the end of the hair. Errors conditioner use can trigger dandruff and other hair problems.
3. Natural Remedy For Hair
You can use natural herbs for hair such as apple cider, water stale tea, aloe vera, and so on. Natural womb can make your hair volume and have a moisture balance. Do it before shampooing regularly 2 weeks.

4. Avoid Hot Sun
During the treatment period, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or too long. This is to prevent the oil glands in the head that works too active and makes it easy to limp hair.

5. The Right Product
The latter is to find the right products for your hair. Choose a shampoo that does not make your hair getting drenched, do not make your hair dry quickly and are able to make your hair volume. Use the tonic to strengthen the hair and do massage in order to feel the benefits.
Gorgeous hair volume you can get with regular care for several months. Thus, your hair will not be easy limp again.

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