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Signs of Cervical Cancer Symptoms

- 2:35 PM
Cervical cancer or in other terms cervical cancer is one cancer greatly feared by women.According to WHO thousands of women die each year from cervical cancer and is the highest ranking cause of death among women in the world. Cervical cancer affects the female reproductive organs, precisely in the cervical region or area of the entrance to the uterus. The number of deaths from cervical cancer in developed countries have started to decline because the country has a pap smear programs for prevention or early detection of cervical cancer.

Signs of cervical cancer symptoms

Pathogenic Whitish
Whitish (flour albus) is a discharge from the vagina besides blood. Not all the whiteness including pathogenic. However, if a whitish thick, smelled, tasted the heat in the vagina, yellowish, greenish brownish even you need to beware and should immediately consult a physician.
Pain in the area of femininity
pain in the area of femininity caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) that has developed and disrupt the body's immunity which can cause pain in the lower abdomen, pain in the thigh, pain in the joints of the pelvis during menstruation, pain during defecation and pain during intercourse.

If you experience bleeding due to abnormal menstrual cycles that often or regularly then you should immediately consult a physician.
Painful urination
Pain during urination happens because the bladder has been infected by a virus. It is a symptom of advanced cervical cancer.
Arise pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse
Often multiple partners during sexual intercourse has a high risk factor for cervical cancer. Pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse caused by an infection in the cervix are severe.
Swelling in the feet
Swelling in the legs can be caused by a virus that attacks the body's cervical cancer.
Decreased appetite
Decreased appetite can lead to decreased immunity so prone to stress, excessive anxiety, and interfere with energy. Moreover, it is a symptom of cervical cancer.
Fatigue may indicate you have contracted the HPV virus that attacks your relaxing time due to fatigue without cause.
Signs above symptoms are also characteristic of cervical cancer usually strikes women. If you feel there is one sign of symptoms as above, then you should consult a doctor to get treatment early. As for the cause of cervical cancer due to HPV virus itself. HPV types 16 and 18 cause of death is a lot for women. The virus is very easy to spread and move, not only through liquids but can also be through skin contact.

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